Between The Sheets: Sleep, Desire and Your Libido

By Charlotte O’Sullivan

Co-founder, Hall of Harper


Our bodies are magnificent interconnected beings, where one system influences the next, just like dominos. And when it comes to arousal, desire and libido, sleep is one of its considerable influences. Sleep deprivation has been found to be a direct contributor to erectile dysfunction, low libido and issues with fertility and is something I talk to couples about almost everyday. 

One study found that for every additional hour of sleep, women's libido and desire to have sex increased by 14%. Published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The cycle of fatigue and lack of desire

General fatigue and tiredness also play into the desire to have sex. Fatigue is most likely coming from insufficient, low-quality sleep and then the body becomes stressed because of sleep, the brain begins to suppress the production of sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone in favour of stress hormones like cortisol. You begin to see how the cycle can go around. 


The link between the two becomes clear as the body's response to lack of sleep leads to lack of sex or poor quality sex, and then on the flip side, high quality, regular sleep leads to more satisfying sex and more desire to have it. 


Ready for more sex and intimacy?

Break the cycle by setting time aside with your partner for intimacy. Although this sounds non-intuitive and not entirely ‘sexy,’ you’ll find that scheduling this time in to begin with will set you up for success and create a flow state balance. A good way to start is by adding novelty to your sex routine. Our recommendations are Hall of Harper arousal serum, which if you’re not feeling entirely ‘there,’ can help abundantly in getting you in the mood. With natural ingredients for both the vuvla and penis, pop a little on and feel your body responding in a way that might surprise you. Or try the Feather, a toy that you can create intimacy with while also providing clitoral stimulation. 


Charlotte O'Sullivan is a certified meditation teacher and the co-founder of Hall of Harper, a speak-easy luxury sexual wellness boutique based on the Gold Coast. Over the next few weeks, The Goodnight Co. co-founder, Shea Morrison and Charlotte will explore the link between sleep and sexual wellness. Tune in to the Sleep by Shea podcast each Thursday to hear their deep dive into each topic.