Sleep By Shea Podcast

  • The Transformation of Motherhood with Zoey Blaskey

    Isn't motherhood a rollercoaster? Especially those early days - everything you thought you knew about yourself gets turned upside down and there's a of time you feel like you're going through the motions. This week on the Podcast, Shea speaks with Zoey Blaskey, a Transformational Coach and host o...

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  • Support your teenagers sleep habits with Dr Michael Bruess

    Dr Breus is back on the Sleep by Shea Podcast! For season 12, Shea and Dr Bruess are tackling a big topic...teenagers and sleep! Whether you're having to drag your teenager out of bed at 9am, or you're struggling to get them to sleep before midnight, teenager sleep can be complicated. The teenage...

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  • Let's Talk About Menopause and Hormones

    This week on the Sleep by Shea podcast, Shea speaks with Dr Louise Newson. Dr Newson is a leading expert on menopause, a GP and the founder of the free menopause support app, Balance.  Driven by her passion to further the conversation about perimenopause and menopause, Dr Newson gives her insight...

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  • Slow Down with Meditation for Better Sleep

    Life is busy, whether it's motherhood, business, school, friends, family, a busy workload - there is always something that might keep your mind racing. This week on the podcast, Shea speaks to Meditation Coach, business owner and mother, Claire Robbie. They deep dive into the positive impact that...

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  • The Healing Power of Homeopathic Medicine

    Have you seen Melissa Kupsch on Instagram? You might know her as "thathomeopath". Homeopathy is a topic close to Shea's heart, and during this chat with Melissa the two deep dive the magic of homeopathic medicine. From what it is, who can benefit from it and the impact homeopathic medicine could...

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  • Are we all burnt out?

    Welcome to Season 12 of the Sleep by Shea podcast! This season we have a fantastic range of guests to speak with Shea about so many different topics relating to mental health, sleep habits, women's health, relaxation and so much more. On today's episode Shea speaks with Sophie Scott, an Assoc...

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