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  • Sleep Diaries - Shea Talks Q&A

    The Goodnight Show brings you 'The Sleep Diaries', a segment to kick off each season and answer all your sleep questions! Shea will answer 10 questions submitted by our Sleepyheads in The Goodnight Community Group and via The Goodnight Co's Instagram, to keep you in the know and assist you on yo...

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  • Sleep, New Years Resolutions & Routines with Adam Jelic

    If you've been listening along this season, you've definitely heard us talk about the importance of routine and habits when it comes to sleep. Consistency is key! To bring our "Healthy Habits" season to a close, there's no better guest than Adam Jelic, founder of MiGoals.

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  • Sleep and Energy! With The Sleep Doctor, Michael Breus

    Why do we sleep? To wake, of course! We are all about helping you sleep well, so that you can be well. The goal of getting a good night's sleep, isn't really for sleep at all. It's to feel great when you wake, and have energy to get you through the day so you can do the things you love. Energy is key.

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  • Sleep, Fitness and Food with Jake Harrison

    Sleep, nutrition and exercise - the essential ingredients for a healthy you! Tonights guest lives and breathes all 3 of these pillars, as a Lululemon ambassador, fitness instructor and My Kitchen Rules 2020 winner. Jake Harrison joins Shea on tonights episode of The Goodnight Show!

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  • Sleep On The Road with Samantha Platt

    Meet Australia's new favourite hobby: caravaning. Once known as a hobby for only young families and retirees, caravaning has had its revival since Covid and is now the 'it' activity and ultimate weekender. Caravan renovation is now all the rage, and tonights guest, interior stylist Samantha Pla...

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  • Shea Talks: Sleep, the First Night Effect and Holidays

    When sleeping away from home, you may have noticed you struggle to fall asleep as easily as you do in your own bed. This very real phenomenon is known as the "First Night Effect", and is a natural, evolutionary self-defense mechanism. In this episode, Shea talks all things sleeping in a home awa...

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