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In an era of chronic burnout and fatigue, sleep is the greatest public health challenge of the 21st century. If you or your team are looking to improve the health and wellbeing of your workplace and overall quality of life, a sleep workshop by Shea is a great place to start.

Topics Covered

The Science of Sleep

Sleep and your Body

Sleep and your Mind

Make sleep your superpower

The Sleep Slowdown

Sleep Eats

Sleep Sanctuary

Create a sleep routine

All the things recommended by Morrison and Knight are examples of the kind of behavioural change that is proven to help sleep. “

Amanda Hooton, Sydney Morning Herald 

Our Mission

"Sleep and wellness is where I want to be, because I know we can make a genuine difference to people’s lives.”

As the Co-founder of The Goodnight Co., Shea is on a mission: to deliver a better, natural night’s sleep for everyone. The Goodnight Co. has identified and developed effective, evidence-based ways to fall asleep, stay asleep and manage inevitable sleep disruptions. Passionate about all things sleep, Shea is helping people around the world to sleep well, be well, through her sleep consults, workshops, retreats, her Sleep ByShea podcast, and The Goodnight Co.'s best-selling natural products.

The Goodnight Co.

Shea’s workshops aim to optimise your team’s performance and wellbeing by looking at simplistic and natural ways to enhance quality sleep fora better life. Her workshops share evidence-based strategies and a practical toolkit to enable your team to take immediate, actionable steps to better sleep.

Informative, engaging and interactive, Shea has spoken to hundreds of professionals across Australia, helping them to live better by sleeping better.

Shea’s workshops are customised for each individual workplace, and can cater to corporate, school and university audiences alike.

What’s included?

- 45mins – 1 hour bespoke sleep workshops
- Topics customised to cover company objectives and ideal outcomes
- Optional extra inclusions: e-book, guided meditation, sleep tracking tool, sensory immersion

Be inspired to think differently about sleep.

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