How can I pay?
Your payments are automatically withdrawn from your connected card according to the agreed payment schedule, but you can make early payments anytime you wish.

When is my payment due?
The first payment is withdrawn when you check out on the store’s website, the remaining 3 payments are scheduled fortnightly.Log in to the app to check when your payment is due.

What happens if I can’t pay on time?
If we are unable to collect the payment on the scheduled date, we will try again. If that payment attempt also fails the missed payment will be added to the amount of the next scheduled payment.

Please note, missed payments incur late fees and unpaid debts are sent to debt collection. ​​Chat with our customer service team if you are experiencing financial difficulties, or need extra support to help manage your finances – we are here to help.

How do I change the card for a purchase?
Log in to the app change the payment card used for a specific purchase.

Go to Payments and select the purchase you would like to pay for with another card
Tap Manage and then Change card
Select your preferred card or tap Pay with other card and follow the prompts
Please repeat the steps if you wish to change the payment card for another purchase.
To change the card for your future purchases, you need to change the stored card in your Klarna account.

Good to know: You‘ll see a temporary authorization hold when you add a new card, which will be released within 5-7 business days.


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