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  • Slow Down For Better Sleep

    Chances are, you’ve thought these five words before: "But when things slow down..." Maybe you’ve even added some more words at the end: "But when things slow down... I’ll have more time to myself... take that holiday... I'll have better sleep..." Thoughts like those point to a problem: You’re to...

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  • Using Yoga As a Tool To Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep

    Do you have intentions to reduce your stress levels this year? To slow down and focus on improving your sleep? Have you considered incorporating yoga into your daily routine? Yoga practice is a fantastic way to reduce stress and in turn, improve sleep. If you are new to yoga, then this podcast i...

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  • Setting Up For Your Best Sleep in 2023

    Results from the 2022 Australian Sleep Awareness Week Survey are in and it's very apparent  Australians are not getting enough sleep. In this first episode of Season 10, Shea talks with one of The Goodnight Co's favourite guests, The Sleep Doctor, Dr Michael Brues about these Sleep Stats, discus...

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  • How To Thrive Throughout Menopause

    Are you going through perimenopause and wondering if you will ever feel like your thriving again? It's hard to thrive and be positive when their is so much stigma around this stage of life for women. So what if we ditched the stigma and see this next stage of life as something beautiful and exci...

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  • What is Sound Healing and How Can It Help You Sleep

    Have you tried traditional meditation but struggle to switch off? It can be hard to find your quiet space in this busy world. This is where Sound Healing could be the answer for you. This form of meditative therapy can help reduce tension, stress and even pain, leading to a better night’s sleep....

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  • The Science of Sleep and Skin

    We do so much to make our skin look great in the morning. Many of us would follow a skincare routine and our bathroom counters are likely cluttered with everything from 10-step skin care to the most recent makeup haul and products promising to decrease wrinkles and brighten complexion. But what ...

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