Between the Sheets: Sleep Space & Sex

By Charlotte O’Sullivan

Co-founder, Hall of Harper

As a certified meditation teacher and the co-founder of Hall of Harper, a luxury sexual wellness boutique based on the Gold Coast, I have done extensive research into how your mental state and physical wellbeing can impact your sexual health.  One of the key findings is that your bedroom should be designed for two activities only - sleep and sex. 

This notion may seem confronting, but truly our bedrooms have quite quickly become a place to eat, to work, to watch television, to fold laundry and to scroll mindlessly.  These distractions, whether it's technology or children, all become another obstacle to achieving a deep connection between yourself and your partner. 

Sexual activity is inextricably linked to our sleep

After orgasm, our brain releases hormones of oxytocin, prolactin and serotonin that induce feelings of relaxation, drowsiness and happiness. Whilst simultaneously reducing hormones like cortisol, our stress hormone. The chemical reaction that floods the body post-orgasm becomes the perfect primer for a wonderful night's sleep. 

An ancient Chinese medicine practice Feng Shui proposes your bedroom should be kept as a minimal, calming and balanced space with little furniture. And less furniture means less opportunity for dust to settle and interfere with sleep quality.

Keeping your bedroom as a space dedicated to sleep and sex indicates to your body that once inside the room, the body is prepared for these hormones to be released or at least invited in with more ease. Simple rituals like turning on your essential oil diffuser, or nourishing your skin with a massage oil, help recentre both your mental and physical space before bed.


Over the next few weeks, The Goodnight Co. co-founder, Shea Morrison and Hall of Harper co-founder, Charlotte O’Sullivan will explore the link between sleep and sexual wellness. Tune in to the Sleep by Shea podcast each Thursday to hear their deep dive into each topic.