Why you should supersize sleep & self-care this winter

*Your immune system will thank you!


Quality, uninterrupted sleep is your immune system’s greatest ally, 365 days a year – come rain, hail or shine!

Love it or loathe it, winter is a tricky season; synonymous with shorter days, less sunlight, and the temptation to eat more and move less. 

All of which, if left unchecked in your sleep health routine, is likely to play havoc with your circadian rhythm (internal body clock), deplete feel-good mood and energy levels, and leave you more susceptible to cold and flu bugs. 

In fact, research proves a connection between disrupted sleep and your ability to fight off winter sniffles. In a US study, 153 healthy men and women, aged 21 to 55, were deliberately exposed to a common cold virus (rhinovirus), then monitored in isolation for two weeks. Those who, in the previous two weeks, experienced trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, had lower resistance to the virus. Tissues, anyone?  

At The Goodnight Co., we want to take quality sleep off your list of worries, whatever the season. It’s why we’ve curated a new self-care winter immunity range to help you ‘Sleep Well, Be Well’ when you need it the most. 

After all, when the going gets tough, every superhero needs a sidekick… and sleep is no different. Read more about why sleep is your immune system’s time to shine.

As proud over-achievers in our mission to deliver quality zzzs, we’ve come up with two uber cool ‘sleep-immunity’ sidekicks that literally play tag-team, supporting your body’s natural defence system and self-healing powers. 

Best described as an all-natural yin-yang alliance, our new self-care heroes provide:

  • Subtle, soothing aromatherapy (Immunity Pure Essential Oil + Roll On), which holistically helps build physiological and emotional wellness and supports immunity response in times of need
  • ‘Energetic medicine’ in the form of homeopathic healing (Cold + Flu Drops), tackling nasty cold and flu symptoms at their source by curing ‘like with like’


Cool, right? Here’s why…


Immunity Pure Essential Oil / Roll On

At The Goodnight Co. we’re big fans of aromatherapy aka Mother Nature’s gift of pure, essential oils, which not only smell great, but can transport your mood, energy levels and overall health to a happier equilibrium. Read more about essential oils, including how they affect your brain and limbic system, here.

Packed with antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and deliciously detoxing properties, our new Immunity Pure Essential Oil and travel-friendly Immunity Roll On, complement your sleep health routine when seasonal bugs or allergies roll in.

Read all about the specially selected boosting essential oils here


Cold + Flu Drops

While prevention is always better than cure, even the healthiest among us can fall victim to cold and flu bugs, despite best efforts to maintain good health and hygiene. 

Like it says on the label, this homeopathic tincture goes into battle against seasonal bugs, with the aim of drop-kicking cold and flu symptoms before they take hold and seriously disrupt your sleep-wake cycle. 

Exclusively formulated for The Goodnight Co., there’s no question this 100% natural tincture (potent, yet gentle on your body) is your best friend, and the Robin to your Sleep-Batman, at first sign of cold and flu symptoms. You know the drill: runny nose, headache, cough, congestion, chills, fatigue, and muscle aches. 

What you’ll be pleased to know is homeopathic remedies shorten the duration and severity of cold and flu viruses. 

What you may not know is just how homeopathic remedies go to work, curing ‘like with like’. 

The short answer: it’s a kind of magic! Seriously. Homeopathy embraces the principle that a substance which causes certain symptoms in large doses can be used in minute doses to treat similar symptoms. 

Take, for example, a runny nose with acrid burning and watery eyes. For sure, this is a well-known symptom associated with a multitude of cold and flu strains. But similar symptoms occur when chopping onions, right?

Welcome to the wonderful world of homeopathy. In this world of ‘energetic medicine’ Allium cepa (Latin for onion) is a remedy for cold and flu symptoms that mimic what happens when you chop a tonne of onions.

Together with Allium cepa, our Cold + Flu Drops include: Gelsemium sempervirens or false jasmine (reduces fatigue, feelings of weakness, restlessness and chills); Byronia alba or wild hop (relieves hard, dry coughs); Baptisia tinctoria or wild indigo (reduces symptoms of common colds and flu, including infection and body aches); and Rhus toxicodendron or poison ivy (relieves and reduces mild bronchial coughs).

Rest assured: In homeopathic treatment, the medicinal doses given are so tiny that toxic side-effects are avoided. Read more about the magic of homeopathy here.


In summary

Chill out and stay fighting fit this winter! Support is at hand to help you ‘Sleep Well, Be Well’ when you need it the most… starting here.

Psst: You’re not alone if you’re struggling to get enough quality sleep (7-9 hours every night), particularly in challenging times. The Goodnight Co. has developed an easy-to-use guide that answers all your questions – 10 Steps / 10 Days: Your guide to Sleep Well, Be Well  

You’ve got this! We’re with you.

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