How to use Essential Oil Diffuser Like an Expert?

Diffusing essential oils is one of the most popular, effective and safe ways to enjoy aromatherapy. Essential oils have a range of benefits - including supporting your sleep, calming the mind, improving immunity, and boosting your mood. If you’re new to using essential oils and want to find out about using an essential oil diffuser, we’re sharing all you need to know. 


Firstly, look out for Ultrasonic Technology.

Ultrasonic oil diffusers are one of the safest ways to enjoy essential oils without damaging the oils. The ultrasonic vibrations create waves that agitate the water, causing the particles to separate and turn into a cool mist. This way, the diffused oils purify our air, provide therapeutic benefits and release a pleasing aroma. Rest assured, all of our diffusers are ultrasonic. 

We wouldn’t recommend using a candle diffuser as the heat from the candle can damage the integrity of the essential oils and reduce their therapeutic benefits. It’s also a more risky option with the flame, especially if you have children or pets in your household. 

Also keep an eye on the features available - if you’re looking to use a diffuser in your bedroom, you might want to make sure it’s silent and has darkness function (like ours!).


1. Find a suitable space

This is pretty easy - you’re looking for a solid, flat surface near a powerpoint. You might like to keep your diffuser on your bedside table, kitchen bench, living room stand or your workspace desk. To get the best results, we recommend keeping your diffuser out of direct sunlight and away from heating elements or heavy wind drafts (from a fan or window). 


2. Fill it with water

When you receive your diffuser, it will come with a small water jug to help you fill to the maximum water line, be mindful not to overfill as this could cause problems with the diffuser not starting


3. Choosing your essential oil blends

There are many options when it comes to choosing essential oils, firstly you need to make sure you are using a quality oil. We recommend making sure the oils are 100% pure essential oils preferably using organic ingredients. Also make sure the oils are not diluted with a carrier oil as this will reduce effectiveness (unless you are using this for the purpose of a roll on - which is different to diffusing oils). 


4. Diffuser and maintenance 

Like most electrical equipment it is important to maintain your diffuser so that it has the opportunity to last a long time.  We recommend cleaning your diffuser regularly, wiping your diffuser with a cloth after every use to clean the residue of the oils if preferable.  We also recommend a deeper clean bi-monthly by simply diffusing some white vinegar in a small amount of water and letting it run for 5 - 10 minutes. Once you have finished empty the residual vinegar and water and wipe the inside of the diffuser with a cloth.


Other ways to enjoy essential oils

Looking for more ways to enjoy essential oils? Here are a few of our other favourite ways:

  • A few drops in a bath (or the corner of your shower!). You might even like to pop it into your body wash or hair products. 
  • Applied to your pulse points, like wrists or temples, using a Roll On 
  • On the go? A simple, quick inhale from the bottle 
  • Pop a few drops in your washing machine with your linen for blissful sheets


    Purity matters

    Always be sure to keep your eye out for 100% pure essential oils (like all of our blends) to ensure the quality isn’t being compromised or diluted with synthetic fragrances or cheaper carrier oils. If you spot a cheap essential oil on the shelves, do a double check of the ingredients list before jumping in. 


    A tip on storage

    It’s best to store your essential oils and diffusers in a cool, dry environment. Avoid the bathroom with the heat and humidity. Remember to always use caution with essential oils, espeically when you first start trying them out.


    To learn more about our aromatherapy range, you can read more or head to the collection to shop. 

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