Deep Sleep Drops: Unboxed

Struggling to get a much needed deep snooze? Itching to get the sleep you deserve? Deep Sleep Drops are calling your name!

Read on to find out why our best-selling Deep Sleep Drops will be your new best-friend when it comes to achieving a deep sleep. 

Put simply, our Deep Sleep Drops are the ultimate sleep solution. And when we say they will give you your best night’s sleep… we mean it! This little bottle of goodness will work wonders for your snooze and will have you waking up feeling… well… AMAZING. Deep Sleeps Drops = deep sleep in a bottle!


SLEEP FACT! Between 13-23% of sleep of your nightly sleep is deep sleep so if you're getting your 8 hours, that's  between 1-2 hours of the restorative sleep you need!

When we don’t sleep to our full potential, our ability to thrive in certain aspects of our life decreases. 


So how do Deep Sleep Drops work you ask?

Get your pillow ready because these drops are bound to have you snoozing!

Our Deep Sleep Drops are specially formulated to be sleep inducing. Just 6-8 drops under your tongue about 30 minutes before bed and you're good to go!


3 Reasons Deep Sleep Drops Will Have You Snoozing

1. Calms a Busy Mind 

Can’t seem to combat those racing thoughts when all you want to do is fall asleep? We’ve got you! For about 47% of our waking hours, us humans are thinking about something that isn’t currently happening. One of those times is when we are trying to fall asleep - hello insomnia!  A key ingredient in the Deep Sleep Drops is Coffea Cruda, a homeopathic remedy that helps to boost our snooze! This remedy eases our racing thoughts and calms our mind, leaving us in a sleep-ready state. Yes please!

2. Combat Sleeplessness Related to Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety is one of the leading causes of insomnia in the world and it can be a real challenge to subside! We are all too familiar with nighttime stress and anxiety…but how do we fix these pesky feelings that stop us from getting a deep sleep? Passiflora Incarnata is a well known remedy for insomnia and feelings of stress and anxiety, and of course, it’s another key ingredient in our Deep Sleep Drops. The remedy helps to ease your anxious thoughts and allows you to zen out in order to help you get the deep sleep you deserve!

3. Wake Up Refreshed and Aid Restorative Sleep Habits  

Wake up frequently during the night? Feeling ‘BLEH’ each morning? We know how you feel…but it doesn’t have to be this way! Research shows that on average, most people wake up 2-4 times per night, whilst others wake many, MANY more times. Deep Sleep Drops are designed to be quick and easy to use throughout the night, so you can take them anytime you wake up (and the all-natural element means there's no overdosing!) Take them as required, when required to decrease your wake up times and improve your sleep-wake cycle. We're saying hello to feeling refreshed and well rested in the morning. 

This little bottle of wonders really is a deep sleep in a bottle and will have you sleeping through ANYTHING. 


Get the Most Out of Your Deep Sleep Drops


Deep Sleep Tip! Our Deep Sleep Drops 20mL bottle lasts 30 days. That's $30 for 30 days (AKA $1 a night for the best month's sleep of your life). Not sure it's for you? That's okay! We believe in our Deep Sleep Drops, and know your sleep will improve, which is why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

You will thank us later!