Why Having A Sleep Routine Is Your Bedtime Hero

Think a sleep routine isn’t necessary? Think again. Us humans thrive when we have set routines! For example... your pre-work morning routine! Maybe you wake up early for a shower, or head to the gym to get your exercise done early. Whatever your routine, chances are, you probably follow a similar pattern day in, and day out. 

Something you may not (but definitely need to) have a routine around: SLEEP. If you're practicing a sleep routine, you're much more likely to tuck yourself into bed and fall into a deep snooze. And if you don't, well it's probably counting sheep for you!

But let’s be real… Who hasn’t sacrificed a few hours of sleep to finish a task or watch a couple extra episodes on Netflix?

Occasional sleep deprivation is normal (and at times unavoidable) but constantly feeling sleep deprived is NOT normal. Or healthy.

Put simply, long term insomnia and sleep deprivation can take a serious toll on our mental and physical health - impacting every aspect of our lives from relationships to work. And a healthy sleep routine is KEY to avoiding this!

Not convinced you need a sleep routine yet? Read on.


Why You NEED a Sleep Routine

As humans, we often like to have a set routine for work, exercise, weekend activities, skincare. So why should sleep be any different? Well that's just it: it shouldn’t be! 

A sleep routine is the foundation of a great sleep and is ultimately a life-hack! Possibly the one you've been waiting for!

A healthy sleep routine will help everything in your life fall into place. Think that's a big call? It is, but we're that sure of it!

A sleep routine will help you to keep accountable for your sleep and ensure you are getting enough hours of Zzz’s each night. Scientifically, a routine signals to your brain and body what it's meant to be doing at any given time. If you practice the same routine in the lead up to bedtime (almost) every day, your body will fall into practice - and you'll start falling asleep faster, waking up less often and will rise feeling energised! Win, win, win!


What’s the Best Sleep Schedule for YOU?

This ultimately comes down to our chronotypes and each person is completely unique. We all produce more of the hormone melatonin at different times throughout the day, and this is why knowing your chronotypes is essential! If you tend to wake up earlier and go to bed earlier it is crucial to set your routine based on this fact, and vice versa. Learn more about the Chronotypes here to discover yours today!

Set your sleep/wake schedule to kick-start your sleep routine, and build it from there!


So What's in a Sleep Routine? 

You may have heard us say it (but we will say it again for good measure!) - your sleep routine starts in the morning, and includes a whole bunch of activities you do throughout the day. We've listed some of our favourite routine elements below!


You can start your sleep routine in the morning by:

  • Getting 10 minutes of morning sunlight
  • Getting 30 minutes of exercise
  • Eating a nutritious breakfast
  • Try a morning meditation 
  • Writing a gratitude list or to-do list for the day ahead
  • Drinking a glass of lemon water

Throughout the day, keep your routine going by: 

  • Having your last hit of caffeine before 2pm
  • Getting some natural light to kick the afternoon slump to the curb
  • Avoiding sugary drinks and opting for water (you can never go wrong!)
  • Enjoying an afternoon walk

Set yourself up for good sleep by: 

  • Enjoying some evening stretches
  • Having a warm bath or shower
  • Reading a book or journaling
  • Doing your evening skincare routine
  • Drinking a herbal tea
  • Turning off your technology 
  • Enjoying some aromatherapy


The options for your sleep routine are endless! The key? To find something you enjoy, and will do consistently! If you aren't consistent, it's simply not a routine. And if you don't enjoy it... well, what's the point in that! Find some practices you enjoy and that relax you and you will be sleeping through the night in no time.


Is It Ok To Fall A Little Off Track With Our Routine Every Now and Then?

A slight change every so often is normal - we know you're human, and sometimes it's also about being realistic. It may be difficult to get into bed at the same time each day, but try to avoid too many drastic changes at once. Changing your sleep routine or sleep schedule gradually will give you the best results for your sleep.  A good routine is one that works for our work and social life!


    Make a healthy sleep routine YOUR bedtime hero!