Crystal Profile: Citrine

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Citrine is known as the success stone, as it helps to magnify personal power and attract love and abundance. Its brings happiness and hope to the beholder, coming from its bright warming yellow colour.


What it looks like

The bright yellow and gold colours help to manifest the crystals energy and made it a popular fine stone, adored by the Ancient Romans to the Art Deco era. This crystal is linked to the solar plexus chakra as it promotes confidence, self-esteem, inner strength and courage and personal empowerment.


What it’s made of

Citrine is found within igneous and metamorphic rock most commonly in granite and gneiss. The stone is also found in clastic sediments, with the best quality found within mineral veins. Citrine belongs to the quartz family and comes in raw cluster forms and in solid formations. The stone is formed when purple amethyst undergoes heat treatment.


What it used for

You can harness Citrine’s energy to spur ideas and inspiration in any area of your life. This crystal helps to provide creativity when developing innovative ideas or undertaking new challenges in your life. It helps to create new beginnings and clarity.

Citrine can bring clarity into your relationships too, as it encourages open intimacy. The stone was originally called The Merchant’s Stone, for its ability manifest and maintain wealth.


How to use it

We suggest using Citrine within your work space when you are in need of inspiration. Or to improve your mood, we recommend to integrate citrine into your mindfulness meditation before bed.

Citrine is great for removing negative energy from your body and living space. It can also bring you inspiring dreams if you keep Citrine by your bed at night. Like all crystals and stones, we recommend cleaning Citrine under cold water every two weeks and recharging them under a full moon.

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