Crystal Profile: Bloodstone

This is the first in our new series that does a deep dive into the healing world of crystals. Over the next few weeks, we'll share a profile for each of our favourite crystals, so you can learn how and when to use them. 

Bloodstone, also known as the sun stone, is a calming crystal with protective and nurturing virtues. It is a heliotrope and is made of green chalcedony and small dots of red jasper, giving the stone its blood-like speckles. 

This ancient stone has been used as a talisman of good health and an aid for alleviating stress. First known as the stone of Babylon, Bloodstone was celebrated for its special virtue in persevering health and youth. If you're born in March, bloodstone is your birthstone, however it is also powerful for anyone who is an Aries, Libra or Pisces.


The meaning behind Bloodstone

Bloodstone purifies your mind, with a strong ability to restore and nourish the body especially after physical and emotional fatigue. It inspires vitality, quashes self-doubt, and boosts your enthusiasm and drive, instillning you with courage, comfort and strength.

This stone is a related to the base and sacral chakras. The base chakra helps to increase your security and stability and it is known for its grounding ability. The sacral chakra is linked to relationship and emotional balance.

These healing effects of Bloodstone is why we have included it in our Happiness Crystal Set.

When to use Bloodstone

Each person has their own interpretation of each crystal and stone. We recommended using Bloodstone when you need to centre and balance yourself after an emotionally draining or fatiguing event. With Bloodstone's ability to renew and restore your energy, while bringing clarity and stability to your mind, it is ideal for when you may feel disconnected from yourself or going through turbulent times.

How to use

You can incorporate Bloodstone into your sleep ritual by practicing meditation with the stone or simply placing it by your bed. Bloodstone will remove purified the energy around you as you sleep. Make sure to cleanse your crystals regularly – try this full moon crystal cleansing ritual.

Want to try Bloodstone for yourself? You can find it on its own here or part of our Happiness Crystal Set.

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