What's on my bedside table: Danielle Knight

As part of our Sleep With series, we've been asking other women what they have on their bedside table, but now we thought it's our turn. So, here's what's next to The Goodnight Co. Co-Founder Danielle Knight's bed.

My bedroom is my sanctuary, my happy place at the end of the day, so what I have on my bedside table are the items I use to help me get the most out of my nightly routine.   
One of my goals this year is to read more. As a mum to three young active and extraverted girls, I am currently reading Steve Biddulph's 'Raising Girls' and '10 Things Girls Need Most'. If I get through 10 pages before falling sleep, I have done well!
If I'm not reading, I will listen to a meditation, which helps me clear my mind of any stresses from the day. I feel this really sets me up well for the next day.
I am generally a good sleeper, but sometimes after a busy day I need a little help to wind down and get me ready for sleep. This is where I use The Goodnight Co.'s Deep Sleep - Homeopathic Tincture. Its natural ingredients are the perfect accompaniment to my nightly routine. I simply take 8 drops under my tongue before going to bed and find I have the most sound sleep when I take this tincture. I've even got my husband taking it!

The last item is the final stage of my nightly routine – it's my little bit of luxury... my charcoal silk sleep mask. Once I slip it on, it's my signal that it's time to go to sleep!