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Moon Series

  • Moon Series: Full Moon Sagittarius

    This Full Moon represents the gypsy spirited, freedom-loving, independent adventurer of the Zodiac. 

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  • Moon Series: Full Moon Scorpio

    Scorpio is the most intense and penetrating of all the water signs. Find out how to prepare for this intense lunar cycle. 

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  • Moon Series: A Second Libra

    This second Liberan Full Moon allows us a special opportunity to delve into art, pleasure, romantic love, relationships and creative abundance

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  • Moon Series: Full Moon Libra

    To celebrate the Astrological New Year, we sharing our first Moon Series, focusing on what the new moon means for us.

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  • Mercury Retrograde Explained

    With another Mecury retrograde on the horizon, now is the perfect time to find out what it means.

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  • Are You Ready for Tonight's Supermoon?

    Tonight (November 14, 2016) the moon will shine brighter and appear larger than it has in 68 years.   In addition to being an incredible sight to witness, this particular Supermoon has a  unique astrological profile that makes it even more special. According to Sun Gazing, "Astrologically speakin...

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