Are You Ready for Tonight's Supermoon?

Tonight (November 14, 2016) the moon will shine brighter and appear larger than it has in 68 years.  

In addition to being an incredible sight to witness, this particular Supermoon has a  unique astrological profile that makes it even more special.

According to Sun Gazing, "Astrologically speaking, the November supermoon will occur when the sun is in Scorpio and the moon is opposite that, in Taurus. This brings to the forefront a sort of tug of war between the powerful, determined, and intense Scorpio energy and the responsible, stability craving Taurus. The resulting clash will create a burst of energy which you can either embrace and grow with, or oppose and struggle against.

This Supermoon is an opportunity to re-evaluate your goals and how to best achieve them. Whatever it is that you may be striving towards will need to be tweaked and minor adjustments should be made in order to keep them within sight and reach. The practical and responsible side of Taurus will aid you in making the best possible choices so don’t put off your goal re-assessment because now is the time for it!

It’s a time to stay grounded- Don’t let a sense of self-importance or entitlement get the best of you and drag you down. Instead, stay conscious and present, be aware of your ego and don’t get caught up in it. If you stay grounded and stable then everything will go a lot smoother.

There will be a noticeable change in many of us in the days leading up to November 14th and you’re likely going to feel much more emotional than usual. All full moons tend to bring out the crazy side of people, hence the term lunacy, but the extreme proximity of this supermoon will end up supercharging our feeling and emotions. By being aware of this you’ll be better prepared to stay grounded, as mentioned above, and the moon won’t end up wreaking havoc on your emotional sanity!"

So what can you do to harness the benefits of this extraordinary event?


1. Try a manifesting ritual

We love this one from Gaia:

"According to many spiritual leaders, this is the greatest use of the supermoon because of the great abundance it signifies, whether it’s love, wisdom, luck, happiness, or whatever else you’re seeking. To access the abundance, you’ll need to clear out what isn’t serving you right now, which is where this small ritual comes in handy.

Try doing this tonight: write down everything that you are ready to release. Hold the paper up in the air and say a little prayer to whomever it is that you speak to—the Divine, the Universe, a spirit guide: whatever higher powers you decide to address, it’s okay—it’s all one. Ask for assistance in releasing these things that no longer serve you. Be thankful for the lessons and gifts that these experiences brought about, then release and burn the paper.

Next, write down everything it is that you want to call info your life. Hold it close to your heart and envision this as if it has already happened. Again, say a little prayer to whichever higher power you choose, asking them to assist you. Store the paper in a safe, sacred place, and revisit it every couple of weeks to be amazed by the things that come in."


2. Charge Your Crystals

Make sure you don't miss out on the cleansing energy of this incredible lunar event. If you're new to charging crystals, try this simple ritual:

Before setting your crystals under the full moonlight, mindfully rinse or bathe them in clean purified water. While you are doing this release anything that is no longer serving you, use this as an opportunity to cleanse your mind. Now place the crystals outside under the full moon, preferably on the earth but if this is not possible then any natural surface will work (I have used a wooden chopping board). 

You can see our beautiful range of crystals here.


3. Take time to meditate and receive the positive energy surrounding the Supermoon.

The full moon is always a time of increased feminine energy, and this Supermoon will be even more heightened due to its proximity to the earth.  

Use this guided meditation to help you fully experience the loving energy of this unique event.

Watch on YouTube here


4. Head outside and find a great place to watch it RISE!!

In Australia you'll see it rising at 5.51pm in Brisbane, 7.07pm in Sydney, 7.40pm in Melbourne, 7.32pm in Adelaide and 6.33pm in Perth.