Moon Series: Full Moon Scorpio

Scorpio is the most intense and penetrating of all the water signs.  The modern planetary ruler Pluto governs the powerful cycles of endings and beginnings.  This full moon is a time to release old resentments and turn to a fresh new page in this cycle.


Full Moon 27 deg Scorpio

AEST Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne 7:11am 19th May

AWST Perth 5:11am 19th May

BST London 10:11pm 18th May

EDT New York 5:11pm 18th May

PDT San Francisco 2:11pm 18th May


When we travel into this unknown and sometimes turbulent darkness, the intention is emancipation from limiting conditions that are not inspiring or energising us.  Maybe it is the shadow aspect of yourself that you have been holding on to for an extended period and it has outworn its stay.  In order to do this, we must first walk through the fire like the carbon in coal requiring heat and pressure to become the diamond. 


Reflect on if you have any controlling, obsessive or manipulative tendencies?  Be truthful, as you take responsibility for these dysfunctional aspects as you courageously lay down your sword and accept your vulnerabilities.


The full moon energy can sometimes bring up irrational fears resulting in nightmares.  These maybe related to life worries, health or social concerns.  Our subconscious is a remarkable part of our mind that stores previous experiences, mental programs, beliefs, memories that we are not conscious off. When we are in a place of stress it is important to incorporate relaxation techniques to calm our mind.  This can be especially prevalent when trying to get a quality night of sleep so a kit especially curated for those who experience poor quality sleep or wake up often during the night could be useful. Using silk to help to settle into a good night's sleep can also be beneficial during this intense lunar period. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic & breathable, helping regulate your body temperature. 


For those of you with natal moon in Scorpio you will feel at home within this watery passionate world.  You are a deep-sea diver that knows their way through the darkness of these underworld caverns. This maybe foreign to others as they struggle to understand your metaphoric need to submerge in order to survive or drown in the sheer overwhelm of emotions.  If pushed into a corner to verbally express these sensitivities it can feel like life or death.


The ancient planetary ruler of Scorpio is Mars activating creative potential for transformation through the volatile process of creation & destruction, so it is best to avoid drama and power play.  In this process you find the higher octave of healthy love and sexuality. Heart-connection through heightened sensuality, intimacy and spiritual expansion.  We cannot truly love if we are in pain and sometimes there is much unearthing to be done.  This applies for us all as we each experience the zodiacal energies and planets in our own charts.

“Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” - Rumi

Natal Moon in Scorpio people have a ‘sixth sense’ and inherent wisdom that is generally refined throughout life.  


Some invitations to support this Full Moon journey:

  • Be responsible for your behaviour – avoid blame or projection
  • Don’t be afraid of your shadow aspects instead make friends
  • Book in for emotional release therapy with a qualified practitioner or psychotherapist
  • Take a course in kundalini yoga or dance to feel the shakti energy
  • Paint, draw, create and write
  • Discover new passions that make you feel alive
  • Focus on honest, inter-relating through heart communication
  • Create support around yourself
  • Eat seasonal, nourishing food and drink fresh water
  • Get lots of sleep & take time out in nature
  • Swim in the ocean or take a magnesium bath


Before you drift off to sleep you may want to spritz some Sleep Mist or switch on a Diffuser, play some soothing music and say a positive affirmation.  

“I release the experiences of the day and find peace within.”
“I release any feelings of control to accept joy and happiness in my life – to go with the flow.”

The Scorpio Full Moon takes us on a journey of rebirth, leaving no stone unturned in its wake.  Remember to set an intention to find the gold within the darkness. Scorpio offers the awe-inspiring gift of a more empowered perspective on life.


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Until the next Full Moon ….


Mikailah is an Astrologer and Creative Visionary.  She offers astrology consultations by phone or Skype.  For more information visit her website

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