Moon Series: A Second Libra

Every year the Libran Full Moon sets the date for Easter weekend. 


This month we are celebrating the Full Moon in Libra for a second time this year, so we have an extra special opportunity to delve into the Venusian qualities of art, pleasure, romantic love, relationships and creative abundance.


Full Moon 29 deg Libra 19thApril 2019

AEST Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne 9:12pm 19thApril

AWST Perth 7:12pm 19thApril

            BST London 12:12pm 19thApril

            EDT New York 7:12am 19thApril

            PDT San Francisco 4:12am 19thApril           


The Libran Full Moon illuminates radical self-acceptance and now is the perfect time to change how you view relationships. It may also highlight dysfunctional interactions between yourself and others and how you deal with conflict resolution.

Communication is important with this cardinal air sign. Explore different interrelation styles that are supportive and empathetic whilst still expressing individuation.  Don’t let situations brew or fester.  With the heightened energies of a full moon keep your Calm Homeopathic Tincture handy if you have a worried mind.


If your natal moon sign is in the zodiacal sign of Libra, your lunar planetary ruler is Venus – the Goddess of love and beauty. 

In Roman mythology Venus is the daughter of the Heavens & Sea. Traditionally, the rose is one of her symbols and the day of the week associated with Venus is Friday.  Incidentally, this Libran Full Moon falls on Friday 19thApril and is therefore potentially enhanced.

Rose is renowned for its calming and healing properties. With contemporary busy lifestyle choices, we can all embrace a soothing and sensual bath time ritual.


People with Libran Moon signs are imbued with natural grace and beauty.  Desiring harmony and peace they ultimately seek empowerment through interacting with others in relationship.  This is where their majority of life lessons may occur as they realise their emotional needs are also important albeit; in a business partnership, friendship or intimate connection.   Every relationship has its own challenging characteristics and strengths to discover.  Of course, this does depend on other significant planetary aspects in the individual or couple’s astrological charts. 

Libra is the zodiacal sign representing the Scales, therefore a balanced viewpoint is important for well-being of both body and mind.  The Sleep Ritual Kit can work to enhance harmony and release any tensions.  We are all attuned to the vibrations of this full moon.


Sometimes when the Libran energy is out of balance procrastination is prevalent which can be frustrating to others.  Remember to take care of yourself in these situations. Take time out with a soothing cup of Calm Tea - chamomile to calm the nerves, lemon verbena to soothe the stress in the body, lemon myrtle to lift the mood and Melissa (lemon balm) to relieve stress and anxiety.

Generally Libran Moon beings are cordial and demonstrative with an affinity to aesthetics and their homes reflect this Venusian quality in décor and appearance.

Rose Quartz crystals activate self-love and acceptance and we can all do with a healthy dose of this.  Rose quartz also supports healing old emotional wounds. If you feel you would like to invite Libran qualities into your life place a rose quartz cluster or coaster in your bedroom or living space with. 


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Enjoy a beautiful relaxing full moon night! 


See you next month for Full Moon in Scorpio.


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