Setting Up Your Sleep Space

Is your bedroom environment sabotaging your shut-eye? You may not even realise particular elements in your bedroom are creating havoc to your sleep. Bright colours, lots of artificial light and even temperature can make a huge difference to your sleep. 

The trick is to keep things simple and to think of your Sleep Space as a sanctuary where your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home. Here are some tips for how you can better design your bedroom for sleep - and turn it into the dream haven you deserve.

Sleep Fact:

Did you know that according to Feng Shui principles, the bedroom should be a place of rest, romance, and relaxation—and nothing else.

  1. Choose Calming Colours

Research has found that above all others, blue is the sleepiest colour. Choose a colour palette of soft, soothing colours to lull you into sleep and put your mind at ease. Avoid busy and bright patterns.

  1. Create The Perfect Scent

A quick spritz of something with soothing scents like lavender on your pillows before bed will help calm your exhausted mind. Create your perfect sleep sanctuary with our Sweet Dreams Sleep Mist or Goodnight Blend Essential Oil

  1. Sleep With The Right Temperature

Not too hot and not too cold, the best bedroom temperature for optimal sleep sits between 18 – 22 degrees. Tip: our 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases have natural properties to regulate body temperature and keep you cool. A fan or aircon in the warmer months will do the trick.

  1. Turn Out The Lights!

Streetlights, a full moon, or even a phone notification can keep you up at night. We recommend dimming your lights after dinner to prepare your body for sleep. Get deep sleep without distraction with our Silk Sleep Mask.

  1. Keep It Simple

Your mind is already full of the day’s clutter, so keep your bedroom decor simple and your accessories to a minimum to create a calming environment to fall asleep in. Our modern Ceramic Diffusers are the perfect bedside companion that looks good and helps with your Zz's.