Why It's Time to Ditch the Sleeping Pills!

Are you relying on prescription medication to get your much needed Zzz's? You're not alone. Around 37% of adult-aged Australian's are dependent on sleeping pills or melatonin to get their shut eye. Yikes! 

We have some bad news for you. Sleeping pills are classified as "sedative hypnotics", AKA sedating you, not actually sending you off to sleep.  Sleeping pills aren't the magic fix you need, and don't deliver the same restorative benefits as natural sleep. Not to mention, create a dependency. 

So how do natural sleep solutions compare to pharmaceutical? Long story short - they're safer, and better for you and your long-term health.


SLEEP FACT! Natural sleep aids are often considered a safer option than pharmaceutical sleeping pills by experts due to the decreased side effects associated with them in contrast to prescription medication. If you can sleep naturally, you absolutely should!


Pharmaceutical Sleeping Medication

Pharmaceutical medications are considered a more ‘hardcore’ sleep solution for more extreme cases of insomnia. Sleep medications are known to be highly addictive with short-term and long-term use, and although it may feel like we are FINALLY getting a great sleep, they act as a temporary band-aid rather than resolving the issue. Research has also shown that it can worsen insomnia in the long run…no thanks! 

Don’t get us wrong, there are definitely some instances that these tablets may be necessary, but these types of medications are not a long-term match for us or our health! 


5 Risks Of Using Pharmaceutical Sleeping Pills To Aid Sleep

  1. Over time our tolerance to the drugs may build up and our dosage may need to increase in order for the effects to sink in.
  2. Drug dependency is a serious risk! We may find that we aren’t able to sleep (even more so than before) if we don’t take the medication, worsening our insomnia!
  3. These types of medications can cause withdrawal symptoms if we suddenly stop taking them such as sweating, shaking, and nausea. 
  4. May cover-up underlying physical or mental issues that are behind our insomnia.
  5. Long-term use of sleeping pills can lead to impaired cognitive functions and the potential development of disorders such as dementia. 


Natural Sleep Aids

Natural sleep aids are made with all natural ingredients, often derived from sleep-inducing plants, vitamins and minerals present in our current diets, or include a supplement of something that our body already generates naturally, such as melatonin. Natural sleep aids are not often associated with side effects (other than better quality of sleep of course!) and are generally non-addictive. They are often considered a better option for long-term use as they have less associated risks and don’t cause dependence over-time. 


5 Benefits Of Using Natural Sleeping Remedies To Aid Sleep

  1. Minimal side effects or next day drowsiness making them a safer option for regular use
  2. Can be just as effective as prescription medication in extending the depth and length of time you spend sleeping
  3. Induces naturally deeper sleep, rather than sedating
  4. Can get you in sync with your body's natural sleep-wake cycle or circadian rhythm to help you sleep better for the long-term (without medication dependence!)
  5. Can be combined and incorporated with good sleep practices and routines to increase the likelihood of achieving deep, restful sleep.


Wanting to throw out the meds and find a natural sleep solution that WORKS? Shop our range of natural sleep solutions to boost your snooze and help you realise why sleep is your superpower!