Moves for Sleep with ember Pilates

We know good sleep takes routine and practice. Our friends at ember Pilates have put together some moves you can do as a part of your nightly sleep routine that will have you snoozing in no time.  

Moves Before You Snooze:

Legs Up The Wall.


Upper Body Stretch. 


Hip Opener.


Pillow Stretch & Windscreen Wiper.


Flowing Child's Pose.


Cat Cow, Thread the Needle and Sphinx.


Quad and Hip Opener.


About ember Pilates.

At ember, we challenge men and women to meet us on the mat for total body toning, by offering a range of classes that fuse traditional Pilates with progressive techniques to make you burn, sweat & sculpt. For less than two coffees a week, as a member you will receive 5 NEW ember signature Pilates classes and 2 NEW stretch classes each week, ranging from 10-40 minutes. 

In our experience, it can feel overwhelming scrolling through hundreds of workouts online trying to choose what to do. ember takes the guessing game out of it. Our Pilates workouts are uploaded on a Sunday night at 10.00pm AEST, live for 7 days, and then removed and refreshed with 5 NEW workouts and 2 NEW stretch classes the next week. You can workout with us anytime, anywhere but we want to hold you accountable to meet us on the mat each week. Suitable for all fitness levels, we can't wait to meet you on the mat! Connect with us on Instagram here.


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