How Beck Wadworth Creates Life Balance

Beck Wadworth's Tips On Living a Balanced Life 

Beck Wadworth is the founder of lifestyle brand An Organised Life, a lover of stationery & organisation  she lives and breathes the brand from designing the products through to writing organisational content.  A big believer in organisation as a tool to be productive and also live a balanced life, we asked Beck her top tips on creating life balance.


Beck's Top Tips:

Value Your Time 
Firstly, life balance begins with being respectful & realistic of not only your time but of others as well - I set alarms to help with time blocking and keeping yourself accountable. The key is to overestimate rather than underestimate the time you should allocate to something & delegating when it’s needed - this can make a world of difference to a workplace or household running smoothly.  Of course it's so important to also schedule in time for yourself, we can’t be the best version of ourselves when running on empty.


Utilise A To-Do List

My top organisation tip is to create and utilise a daily to-do list! A to-do list allows you to work in a methodical way and put all your tasks (work & personal) into perspective. It’s such a simple tool to give yourself structure and reduce your stress levels heading into a big day & it’s such a satisfying feeling to tick off each task throughout the day.


Prep & Plan
Preparation is key to getting your mind in the right head space to tackle the week ahead. Set aside 10 minutes to sit down with your diary & look over your schedule for the week, I love doing this on a Sunday as part of my routine.  

  • What nights will you not be home for dinner?
  • What days do you need to pack your gym gear?
  • Do you have any pre-work coffees & need to set an earlier alarm on that day?
  • Are there any important meetings booked that you need to plan an outfit for?

    A Sunday routine is also the perfect time to do your laundry, prep your meals for the week, prep your outfits & set any alarms and reminders.  Focusing just a little time on a Sunday can make such a big difference to the flow and mindset of your week.



    Another way to ensure life balance is by prioritsing. What needs to be done vs what do you want to get done? These are two very different things. Prioritisng your to-do list with your MITs (Most Important Tasks) means you won’t fall behind on your to-do list and is a great tool for organising all aspects of your life, those must do items will get done before chipping away on the ‘want to get done’ items.


    Wind Down & Recharge

    At the end of the day take the time to wind down! Before finishing up your work day finalise any outstanding emails, tidy your space, check tomorrows schedule & write your to-do list (even if just a draft!). After work it’s important to give yourself time to recharge, this looks different for everyone, maybe it's being social with friends or family, cooking yourself a nourishing meal, reading a book, going for a walk or binge watching your favourite show.


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