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For most of us, getting a good night's sleep is a science. But for the hotel industry? It's a business. From the way your towels are folded, the linen on your bed, and even the lighting - there's a reason many of us might find we get a better night's sleep while on vacay. 

As sleep quality has grown in the public consciousness as a key measure of physical and mental health, creativity and productivity, the hotel industry has taken note. In a hotel, you won’t be burdened with thoughts of unfinished tasks around the home, like remembering rubbish day, making grocery lists, or wondering if you locked the back door. Those with pets might sleep better in a hotel because their furry friends aren’t hogging the bed or waking them at the crack of dawn for a morning walk.

So much of our sleep also depends on the environment in which we are sleeping - if we're staying in a hotel or other accommodation, temperature, blackout blinds, extra pillows, and quiet can often be the tricks to a great night’s sleep. Finishing touches like unique decor, professional interior design and an ambient location are other added extras we probably aren't used to for day to day. If you're used to blocking out the sound of traffic in your bedroom at home - it's probably much easier to drift off to the sound of waves in the distance, or wake up to natural light or the sound of birds cooing in the morning. 

Looking for the best place to take a sleep-cation? Try these 3 for a start - you won't be disappointed! 

Emirates One&Only, Wolgan Valley

We recently hosted our Sleep Retreat here, but we aren't biased when we say that this location is one of the most peaceful places for you to catch some zzz's. 

Nestled in vast protected wilderness, Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley is a chic conservation retreat that immerses you in nature and re-invigorates your soul. Epic fresh air adventures, wholesome dining, blissful private villas, and pure, inspiring wellness. You'll be left feeling at one with nature, and have the opportunity to blissfully reconnect with yourself and your sleep. 

Springfield Farm, Bowral

Another location for one of our well loved Sleep Retreats, The Springfield Farm at Bowral is a destination within itself. A true country home, the Springfield Farm offers beautiful open plan living surrounded by the country side. With a cosy lounge area, open fire and a library for you to curl up with a good book before bed, it's the perfect place to not only get a goodnight's rest, but also escape the hustle and bustle of every day life. 

The Calile Hotel, James St 

If you're still a city girl at heart, there's always The Calile. The Calile Hotel is an urban oasis that's dedicated it's interiors to making you feel like you're in a home away from home - only... chicer. It's nestled in the heart of Brisbane, which means you have every luxury imaginable at your door step; think fine dining, long afternoons by the pool, and glowing facials. 

A well designed hotel is engineered for sleep - but sometimes you might need a bit of extra help. Read about the First Night Effect here so you're prepared for your next holiday. And if you're doing long haul travel, don't forget to bring the essentials!

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