Life Balance For Better Sleep

Start taking steps toward a more balanced life and having better sleep by learning how to take control, set boundaries, and focus on today. If 2022 was a bit of a whirlwind for you, let's start the new year with new goals and a balanced approach to life.

A balanced life means better sleep and this month we are taking a look at the different ways you can approach your life with more balance and most importantly, how to prioritise and optimise your sleep.

This is a 2023 reminder that, Sleep is the simplest ingredient to a positive life and that you can live a balanced life with sleep as a priority.

3 Ways to Start 2023 More Balanced For Sleep

1. Prioritise Sleep

This is our number one tip for balance and a few simple ways to prioritise your sleep better in 2023. Aim for a consistent bed and wake time each day and remove all distracting electronic devices from the bedroom. Avoid large meals, caffeine and alcohol before bed and stay active during the day to help you fall asleep at night.

2. Alleviate Your Stress and Anxiety

According to research, the majority of people that suffer from anxiety deal with insomnia too. Coincidence? Absolutely not! If you experience stress and anxiety, consider evaluating your sleep environment for possible stressors. Optimise your sleep environment with black-out blinds or a sleep mask. Other solutions can include introducing evening meditation.

3.  Have a Sleep Consultation

Does your sleep routine need an overhaul? Our Co-Founder and Sleep Expert Shea Morrison is here to help! Create an achievable and personalised routine for better sleep based on your individual factors and preferences.

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