How Have Your Slept in 2022?

If the answer is "not very well",you are not alone. The 2022 Australian Sleep Awareness Week Survey results are out and it's apparent that a lot of Australians are lacking a good night's sleep.

We thought we would share more about our national sleep habits and provide solutions to your sleep problems so you can start the new year feeling refreshed.

Here is how you slept in 2022:

1. 53% Experience Poor Sleep Due To Stress

Most Australians experienced poor sleep due to stress, and this stress was linked to the lingering effects of the pandemic. We hope that we can see a change in the percentage of Aussies stressed in 2023. Did you know daily meditation or blocking 10-30 mins daily to be active can help alleviate stress? Pair a new practice with our Calm Drops for the ultimate stress-reducing routine

2. 58% Have Difficulty Falling Asleep or Staying Asleep

Do you have Sleep Anxiety, the worry of not being able to fall asleep? And in turn, spend hours laying awake at night? Or fall asleep but can't stay asleep? We have the perfect solution. Instead of worrying about sleep before you have actually hit the hay, create an easy-to-follow and relaxing PM routine to follow each night. This can include some light stretching, reading a book (no screens) and even a skincare routine. Pair this with our Deep Sleep Drops and Deep Sleep Support Pillules for the ultimate routine.

3. 29% Spend Time on Their Phone In Bed

Do you take your phone to bed? And spend time in bed aimlessly scrolling, then wondering why you can't fall asleep? One of the biggest problems to be aware of is how the blue light from your phone and electronic devices impact your sleep. The solution, remove any technology from the bedroom and remember, no phone or screens 2 Hours Before Bed

4. 81% Experience Daytime Functioning Issues From Poor Sleep

Are you sleepy in the daytime? Feeling hyper, feeling down or depressed, irritable and moody throughout the day? These are signs of poor sleep. Your sleep hygiene could do with a reset including a new morning routine. This will set your body up for the best night's sleep. Our Calm-On-The-Go Kit is the perfect solution to reduce stress throughout the day and help you sleep well at night.