Crystals: How do they actually work?

Crystals... Do they actually do anything or are they just beautiful additions to home décor?

They're definitely one of the trendiest wellness topics of the moment. If you're not already a crystal fan you’ve probably seen them all over social media and wondered if they were another wellness fad… Well are they? Do they actually have wellness and healing properties?

What can crystals do? 

Mytrae Meliana, MFT, CHT, crystal healer and therapist, believes that they most certainly work and their benefits are vast and beyond what you may have initially thought.

"Crystals are high-vibrational beings that work on multiple levels of your body: physical, emotions, mind, energy, and spirit," according to Meliana.

She also quoted that they lead to improved energy, enhanced happiness, heightened creativity and reduced negative energy are only the start… Where do we sign up?!?

What are crystals?

To keep It simple: crystals are stones.  Or more specifically, solid substances with atoms arranged in highly-ordered patterns. They tend to be shiny, jagged, shiny and translucent. Crystals have traces of different minerals, which vibrate at different frequencies to address different concerns. 

Do they actually work? How?

Using crystals to heal isn’t a new concept – Although it is now more trendy and mainstream.. "Crystals have been used in healing for centuries in ancient civilizations," said Meliana, specifically citing ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Greece.

How they work is fairly easy to grasp. Crystals have a vibration and an energy that they let off, and so do you. When you align the two, you gain the beneficial outcome that the specific crystal provides.

Which crystal is right for me?

There are an abundance of crystals available to choose from, so deciding which ones are right for you can be a little confusing... At The Goodnight Co., the following selection of crystals have been carefully curated for their wide range of beneficial properties: 

Bloodstone:  Known as the sun stone, Bloodstone is a calming crystal with protective and nurturing virtues. It has been treasured throughout history as a talisman of good health and as an aid for elevating stress.

Moonstone: Believed to be born from the moon’s ray, Moonstone has gentle calming powers that soothe emotional distress, inspire composure and confidence, and encourage peaceful slumber.  

Rose Quartz: Known as the love stone, this high-energy crystal brings inner warmth – inspiring a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth – and soothes those around it. Use it to attract romance, bolster or heal personal relationships, and invoke unconditional love

Citrine: Bright in colour and energy, Citrine brings happiness and hope, empowering you to speak and act with confidence, and manifest your goals.  Known as the success stone, it possesses properties that hep magnify personal power and attract love & abundance.

Lepidolite: Known as the stone of transition, Lepidolite assist the soul in overcoming obstacles to let go of the old and transition to a new path of prosperity and serenity. Used to help soothe the nervous system, calm the mind and relieve exhaustion.

In addition, we have created a range of readymade crystal sets which can be found here.