6 Ways to Keep Calm and Sleep Easy

Sleep for the brain is like fuel for our cars. Without proper sleep, our minds begin to slow, unable to operate at their full potential. In a society that constantly has its finger on the pulse, a good night’s rest is often pushed down the list of priorities. With all this commotion, there's never been a more important time to find calm in the chaos of our lives.

Sleep and Mental Health go hand in hand. Lack of sleep restricts resilience to deal with mental health issues and is associated with an increased risk of depression. Research suggests that 60-90% of patients with depression have insomnia (and approximately 20% of people with depression have sleep apnea); it’s obvious that looking after your sleep and achieving regular sleep to promote good mental health is imperative. 

You can’t control what life will throw at you next, but you can learn to cope with pressurised situations and deal with stress in a healthy way. If you're feeling stressed and uneasy, you're not alone. With RU OK day around the corner, this is a friendly reminder to check in on yourself and your close ones this week. 


Unplug, relax and take the day for yourself. 


6 Ways to Keep Calm and Sleep Easy

Write in a Journal

Free your mind of any worries or stresses bogging you down. Journaling has long been recognised as an effective way to reduce stress, help with depression and anxiety, focus your mind, and organise your life. 

If you're just getting started, here's a few ideas to start with:

  • Tomorrow's to-do list, and your top three priorities 
  • Explore a dream
  • Set your goals
  • Three things you're grateful for
  • A list of favourite books
  • Something you've achieved this year
  • Describe a challenge you've faced
  • A memorable dream 


Make Your Bed

Declutter your mind by doing the same in your sleep space. A neat clutter-free bedroom helps to put your mind at ease during the day and before bed. Tidy rooms are known to foster a sense of clarity and promote pride that will follow you all day. After a long day, nothing is better than coming home to a nicely-made bed.


Take the Calm Drops

Fight anxious thoughts with our Calm Drops, expertly formulated with six rich herbal extracts that are clinically proven to help ease the mind and relieve anxious thoughts. We recommend you use your Calm Drops whenever you feel a burst of stress, brain fog or unease.


Mindfulness Meditation 

Focusing on your breath and physical sensations helps us to become calmer, clearer and more connected to ourselves by grounding our thoughts. Whether you're facing anxiety or depression, or you just need a little bit of zen, tune into our meditations. They only take 5 minutes!

Calm Guided Meditation

Goodnight Mediation

Good Morning Meditation


Use a Calming Pure Essential Oil Blend

The use of Aromatherapy has been around for more than 5000 years to bring about physiological and emotional changes using pure essential oils and plant extracts. Essential oils have a range of benefits - including supporting your sleep, calming the mind, improving immunity, and boosting your mood. Our Calm Blend has been scientifically formulated to calm the mind and uplift your mood. This delightful combination of calming essential oils includes fresh lavender and mandarin to uplift the spirit, bergamot and ylang-ylang to refocus an anxious mind, and chamomile and cedarwood to soothe any stress.


Try Breathing Exercises

Are you remembering to breathe properly? Breathing deeply and slowly triggers the body to stop releasing stress hormones and start to relax. Concentrating on your breathing can also help to distract your mind and bring our consciousness to the present moment, and slows the nervous system, bringing a feeling of calm and peace.

If you need more support managing your stress levels throughout the day, shop our stress relief solutions here.

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