Sleep and Chronotypes

Did you know that scientifically, there is a PERFECT time to be doing everything? And we mean, EVERYTHING! 

We often talk about what to do or how to do it, but we never talk about when to do things for ultimate success. However, exciting new research conducted by Dr Michael Breus on Chronotypes proves that there is in fact, a right time to do just about everything based on our biology and hormones! 

Danielle and I met Dr Breus, the world-renowned sleep researcher, who is more famously known for his study on chronotypes back in October 2016 when we stopped in at (LA?!). This is where our fascination with chronotypes begun.

In today's episode, Dr Breus unpacked chronotypes and explained how once you know what chronotype you are, you can learn how to be the most productive and make the most out of your entire day. All by knowing the best time to do everything! And we mean everything, from drinking coffee, to sleeping, working, exercising and having sex!


Tune in to find out!


Things we talked about:


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