Your Morning Ritual

Getting a good night’s rest and waking up with a burst of energy every day can be tough. 

A holistic, conscious lifestyle is not only based on the right nutrition and exercise - but also on quality sleep. This is because when we sleep, our bodies make magic! They have the ability to regenerate, and they go into a repair mode. A good night sleep also significantly affects our mood, our energy level and helps us stay emotionally balanced and mentally sharp. The way you sleep is the way your day goes. 

Many of us may know that - but what you might not realise is that your morning ritual impacts your sleepOur bodies adapt to regular routines very well if we stick to them. The key to a good night sleep is to experiment with routine and rituals (same, same) and feel what works best for you.

Rituals are personal practices you treat with intention. The fact that they don’t require a lot of time (just your full attention and care) makes them the perfect way to start and end your day.  

The ritual you create when you first wake up is just as important as the one that you create for when you go to sleep - and it can really change the way your day goes! Here are three reasons why morning rituals are just as important as our night time rituals for setting yourself up for a good day and a good night's sleep. 


A morning ritual is great for stress management

Following a consistent morning routine helps to lower your levels of stress and anxiety.

Rituals enable us to savour and connect with our experiences. They draw us in and can prompt us to feel a sense of control and calm. When you feel like this, you are engaging your parasympathetic nervous system. This is a good thing!


The nature of the willpower’s circadian rhythm

Second reason why morning is the best time to start changing your life is the existence of the body clock. Most organisms on this planet, including you, run in cycles. The daily 24-hour cycle is called the circadian rhythm and is responsible for a balance between eating, sleeping and various other physiological processes.

The circadian rhythm of human willpower is simple. The amount of available willpower is highest right after sleep. During the day, willpower is used and it reaches minimum level in evening. Therefore, people often break resolutions at the end of the day.


A morning ritual allows you to connect to your spiritual side

You may not be not religious, but by including some breath work and yoga into your morning ritual, you could feel more in tune with your body. You could start the day feeling more centered, with a more clear direction. You may even find your mind is quieter.


So, what’s your morning ritual?

If you don’t yet have a morning ritual of your own, why not create one?

It’s something that you’re creating for yourself - so there’s no right or wrong way to do it. It’s all about experimenting with what works for you. Think of it as a little bit of self-care.

Begin with a small chunk of time - perhaps just a few minutes of a guided meditation or cup of tea, and progressing from there. Some more morning ritual ideas could be fitting in a brisk walk, a cool shower or yoga sequence. However, there is little point in creating something long and complicated when you’re starting off. Change is always easier when you make it in small, incremental steps!

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