Why You NEED A Deep Sleep Kit

Having a tough time getting your Zzz’s? We might have just the thing for you! Read on to find out why our Deep Sleep Kit will be your new best-friend when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep!

Sleep Kits are a great way to maintain a regular routine before bed and help keep you accountable for your nightly regime. Why is a regular routine important you ask? Routine is everything when it comes to sleep! Consistently good sleep is created by a consistent night routine. Not to mention our sleep kits are a pretty addition to your bedside - bonus!

What’s in the Deep Sleep Kit and what makes it SNOOZE WORTHY?

The Deep Sleep Kit is an expertly curated range of our favourite products for sleep! 3 little bedtime heroes that are specifically designed to improve our sleep quality and form your 3 step routine…. who doesn’t love a great sleep? Afterall, when it comes to routine, simplicity is best. 3 steps, 3 minutes, your best night’s sleep!

So what sleep-enhancing products will you find in our Deep Sleep Kit? Deep Sleep Drops, Goodnight Blend Essential Oil Roll On, and a Sleep Mist. Here’s how these 3 sleep solutions will help you get the best snooze possible! A dreamy combo awaits…

Deep Sleep Drops: 

Our Deep Sleep Drops are a game changer when it comes to sleep! Just 8 drops of this bad boy and you are ready for those deep zzz’s. They are all-natural remedies filled with ingredients that work to enhance your deep sleep, helping you to wake up looking and feeling your best (who doesn’t love that fresh glow we wake up with after a good night's sleep?).

Goodnight Blend Essential Oil Roll On:

The Goodnight Essential Oil Roll On is a great addition to the Deep Sleep Kit if you want those extra hours of deep sleep! Roll this oil on your pulse points before bed to soothe your senses. Not only does it smell amazing, this blend of essential oils is guaranteed to calm your mind and prepare you for sleep with the help of natural, sleep-enhancing ingredients . 

Sleep Mist:

Our Sweet Dreams Sleep Mist is a perfect addition to a sleep regime. The mist creates a delightful sleep sanctuary with a soothing blend of floral aromatics and essential oils. Simply spray onto your pillow or sheets before bed to transform your sleep space. Not only does this mist bring balance to your bedtime but the natural ingredients aid relaxation and calmness, allowing you to dream to your heart's content.

Ready for your best sleep ever? The Deep Sleep Kit is calling your name!