A Sleep Meditation By EQ Minds

Is there anything better than getting into bed after a long day? 

We don't think so!

There is something so magical about tucking in, quieting down, and and putting your thoughts to rest. 

Just the same, there's nothing worse than waiting for sleep that just doesn't seem to want to come. 

At The Goodnight Co., we're big fans of natural sleep aids - and one way we like to induce the deep sleep we love is through sleep meditations.

Tune into this beautiful sleep meditation created for us by EQ Minds Founder, Chelsea Pottenger, an accredited Mindfulness and Meditation coach. 

EQ Minds was created to educate and empower people to prioritise and care for their mental health. 


Sleep Fact! 

Relaxing your body and brain makes it easier to quiet the distracting thoughts that keep your mind buzzing. Studies show that meditation reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, and increases our natural melatonin levels to help with more restful sleep.


Want to enhance your meditation? Listen to the meditation while diffusing our Goodnight Blend Pure Essential Oil for the ultimate dreamy combo. We know you'll be snoozing in minutes!