The Art of Slowing Down

Making time to reflect is a necessary way to help the brain to slow down and relax from the millions of messages we receive every day. It is important for brain health and for healthy sleep. While we sleep, our brain processes many of the events and details of the day. If there is no time for a little daydreaming during the day or evening, we are putting added pressure on our brain while we are trying to sleep.

Are you struggling to slow down? Here are 3 thikngs we can all do to slow down and reset.

1. Disengage from technology regularly

Aim for one day a week when you turn your smartphone off (if you can). Alternatively set up time limits on particular apps on your phone you know take up your time better spent relaxing. Plan a weekend getaway off the grid and be present in nature without technology.

2. Carve out time to reflect

Sit still for up to 15 minutes each day with nothing else but your thoughts (it's a challenge). If 15 minutes is hard, start with 3 minutes and build up to 15 each day. If 15 minutes of stillness is tricky, choose to do a relaxing self care activity like taking a bath, going for a walk without headphones or going for a swim.

3. Practice silence

Turn off the radio, podcast or music while you're driving or walking. Quieten your mind and learn to enjoy your thoughts. See where they take you. Take time to daydream a little.

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