Moon Series: Full Moon Gemini


Joyful and frivolous with the odd dash of sublime escapism, there is nothing average about this up and coming Full Moon in Gemini.   There is a strong desire for new adventures, stimulating conversations and creating magic.  What a magnificent way to see in the New Year!


Full Moon Gemini 19 degrees

AEST Brisbane 12th December @ 3:12pm

ADST Sydney / Melbourne 12th December @ 4:12pm

AWST Perth 12th December @ 1:12pm

UT London 12th December @ 5:12am

EST New York 12th December @ 0:12am

PST San Francisco 11th December @ 9:12pm



Other planetary aspects include Neptune’s influence to the Sagittarius Sun & Gemini Moon so immerse in the summer holiday groove with focussed intention on rest and relaxation. 


The spirited virtues of compassion and generosity are present for this full moon. 


Sometimes it can be challenging to stay in the moment and not to become overwhelmed with the stresses of everyday living.  Remember to take time out to create stillness for yourself, especially at night-time to support you with a restful sleep.  The all natural Calm Tincture is a wonderful way to find calmness throughout the day & into the night when feeling any tensions.  If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep during this energetic phase, this carefully curated kit could be of assistance. 


With any celestial event there is the prerequisite for balance so take heed of excessive expenditure and embrace the values of supporting small businesses during this festive season.   Saturn (consolidation) and Venus (expenditure) in Capricorn will support you well with your wise choices and financial decision making.


Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) rules the power of the mind - how we think and communicate.  Gemini governs mental activities, computers, travel, education, siblings, workshops and learning.  This planetary quicksilver energy is now in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius so it is the perfect opportunity to educate yourself about the quality of sleep and why it is so important!  If your workplace is focusing on wellness, the Sleep Workshops could be a beautiful way to learn about rest, facilitated by expert Co-Founders, Shea Morrison & Danielle Knight.  


Writing in your journal to release your worries and concerns is highly recommended especially as the full moon energies can activate your mind.   Journaling is a wonderful ritual to do before bedtime as it creates a healthy practice to release of the day’s activities with gratitude. 


This month's Moon Edit focuses on products to help support you through this time, with our Can't Fall Asleep Kit as the highlight. 


See you next lunar month for the Full Moon in Cancer...


Mikailah is an astrologist, star witch and earth poet who embodies ancient practices in a contemporary form.  Her transpersonal work speaks to the artist, the creative, the free-spirited entrepreneur and the visionary.  Mikailah offers a unique fusion of astrology by video call for our global community.

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