Meet The Deep Sleep Support Pillules!

Our best-selling Deep Sleep Drops now has a sister... Say hello to your new favourite sleeper on the block - The Goodnight Co.'s Deep Sleep Support Pillules.

After months of formulation and testing they have finally arrived, and we couldn't be more excited to get in to bed tonight - Pillules at the ready!

If you're a #1 fan of our Deep Sleep Drops, you're going to be in deep sleep, snoozing heaven! OR if the drops just weren't for you (because drop formulations aren't for everyone), the Pillules are what you've been waiting, and wishing for.


What's a Pilule?

If you haven't heard of a Pilule before, you're not alone!

Homeopathic remedies can be dispensed in many ways - most commonly, you can take them as drops or pillules. 

A pilule is a little tiny pill - and we mean tiny! Some people may find pillules easier to consume as they are made from sucrose and taste like sugar (whereas drops are distilled in ethanol). These little sugary pills are a winner for the whole family.


All You Need to Know About Deep Sleep Support Pillules!

Our Deep Sleep Support Pillules contain the same best-selling formula as our Deep Sleep Drops. You know them, you love them - and we know they work to get the Zzz's you need!

The Pillules have one additional ingredient of melatonin. For some people, Melatonin is a real life-saver when it comes to sleep, but it doesn't fit into other's sleep routine - we have a sleep solution for everyone!

The 10g Pilule container includes approximately 200 Pillules and will las the same dosage (of approximately 30 days) as our Deep Sleep Drops. 


Drops or Pillules?

Well, that one is up to you! We love both (but we're biased). Whether you prefer the easy to administer drop format or the sugary taste of the Pilule, there are certainly pros (and not really any cons thanks to the all-natural ingredients) to both!

We'll break it down for you!


Deep Sleep Drops:

  • #1 best-seller
  • Naturally aid uninterrupted sleep
  • Liquid formulation
  • 8 drops taken under the tongue
  • Melatonin free

Deep Sleep Support Pillules:

  • Support a deep, restorative sleep
  • Pilule formulation
  • 4 Pilules under the tongue
  • Alcohol free for the whole family
  • Contains Melatonin 


Because of the extremely small amount of diluted active ingredients, you can safely add both the Pillules and Drops to your nightly sleep-routine for the ultimate deep sleep. 

No matter which solution you choose, we're certain you'll have happy snoozing! 

Sleep Well! x