Incorporate a foot massage into your night time routine


Sleep and's probably not two things you think about in the same sentence. But we are going to let you in on a little secret...there is a secret touch point on your right foot that helps you sleep. This little trick is a simple and effective tool that you can incorporate into your sleep routine.


The importance of foot health

Did you know there are 15,000 nerves in your feet? With such a large amount of nerves in such a small space, it's no wonder a simple foot massage or more complex reflexology is so calming and effective.

Your feet are like a tripod, without the solid foundation of your feet, it is really hard to stand solidly on the group. The rest of your body is rooted around your feet as it's foundation. So it's pretty important to care good care of your feet.


Foot massage to promote sleep

Foot massage has been practiced in many cultures for centuries as a way to promote health and wellbeing. Many of your internal organs sensory nerves are in your feet. Foot massage just before going to bed can help you sleep better by improving blood circulation, relaxing the nerves and allowing the body to unwind.

So, if you are struggling at night it might be a good idea to include a foot massage in your night time routine – this doesn’t need to take long – a couple of minutes to help promote relaxation.


To create the perfect foot massage to promote sleep, all you need is:

- A relaxing spot, maybe sitting up in your bed

- Make sure you dim your lights to create a relaxing environment

- Start with a gentle foot rub, firmly massaging your feet and in between your toes


- Locate the point above, between your big and second toe, and start to massage this spot on your right foot

- Start to apply gently pressure to this spot, holding for a couple of minutes

- Give your feet a gentle massage to finish


Small steps create a big difference

Incorporating a foot massage into your nightly routine won't instantly fix your ability to fall asleep. A clear routine requires regular discipline and action. It's something that you will need to build on and commit to in order to start to see the difference!