Choosing The Right Pillow

Did you know your humble pillow could be the make or break sleep accessory in your sleep space? Having the right mattress is a great start to sleeping better, but if your pillow is terrible, you may still be tossing and turning trying to get comfortable.

Having good posture even when you sleep is vital. Therefore finding the right pillow greatly increases your quality of sleep. If you wake up with a “kinked neck” or complaining that you “slept funny”, chances are you are not sleeping on the right pillow. The right pillow will help keep your spine in alignment while you sleep regardless of your preferred sleeping position. 

While the pillow you choose is largely based on your personal preference, finding the right pillow also depends on the sleeping position you prefer. Are you a back sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper? This will determine the amount of support you need from your pillow.

Which Pillow is Right For Me?

Low and Soft: - Stomach Sleeper

This type of pillow is perfect for those who sleep on their stomach and move throughout the night. Alternatively a Low and Firm pillow is also great for stomach sleepers who dont like a fluffy pillow. Sleep experts recommend sleeping on your stomach as the most stressful position for your back and neck, so many experts recommend trying to train yourself to sleep in another position. We know that you can’t change your sleeping habits overnight, so if you do sleep on your stomach, you’ll want a pillow that’s softer and a little less full. This will help keep your spine as neutral as possible.

High and Soft: Side Sleeper 

This type is perfect for those who sleep on their side and enjoy extra support. If you’re a side sleeper your pillow should support your head in a neutral position, keeping it aligned with your spine. Because your shoulder takes most of the pressure when you sleep on your side, you may want a fuller, firmer pillow to give your neck the support it needs and take some of the weight off your shoulder.

Low and Firm: Back Sleepers

For back sleepers, your pillow should support your neck and head, but not so much that your neck is propped up at an unnatural angle. Remember, you want your spine and neck to stay aligned while you sleep, so back sleepers probably want a medium-thick pillow—something that’s not too full, but not too flat.

High and Firm: Side Sleeper 

This is another style pillow great for side sleepers who need more head and neck support. This style pillow is also great for those with a larger frame.

When should you replace your pillow?

While the general rule of thumb for the life of a mattress is about eight years (sometimes more if you get a quality mattress and take care of it), your pillow usually doesn’t last quite as long. You’ll need a new pillow every 18 months or so, although a well-made memory foam pillow will last longer—about three years. Not sure if it’s time for a new pillow? Here are a few ways you can tell:

  1. Is it stained?
  2. Does it have any holes or tears?
  3. Is it smelly?
  4. Can you fold it? (and it doesn't spring back into place)
  5. Is it lumpy?

When you’re ready to upgrade your sleep, don’t forget about your pillow. Find a pillow with the perfect combination of comfort and support for your sleeping position and personal preference. Ready to start sleeping better? Shop pillows today.