7 Reasons to Practice Meditation with Your Child

Kids sleep meditation and mindfulness are so important for little minds which is why we created the Mind Time Kit for Kids.  Here are just seven reasons to help support your child's mindfulness and meditation practice. 


1. Assists with relaxation

Kids meditation creates a sense of calm and quiet in the body and the mind which helps promote a good night's sleep.


2. Improves health

Lowering stress reduces blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen consumption meaning better health.


3. Teaches self-regulation skills

A reflective practice, meditation helps kids redirect from impulsive thoughts and behaviour.


4. Supports healthy emotional development

Kids can feel overwhelmed so building self esteem & compassion teaches them they are enough.


5. Encourages them to reach their full potential

By learning to be patient and understanding, children are more caring, resilient and kind.


6. Enhances focus

With technology & other distractions, meditation shows we can direct attention to one thing.


7. Aids sleep

Learning to calm and quieten the mind allows a child to relax more quickly, and sleep more easily.


Not sure where to start with kids sleep meditation for little love?

Our Mind Time Kit for Kids gives you the tools to create a variety of meditation experiences with your children, plus our Parent’s Guidebook walks you through how to help take your child through a meditation with options for children from 2 years old through to teens. 

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