Your Sleep Survival Guide To Support You Through The Silly Season

The hustle of end-of-year celebrations are fast approaching and with that comes late nights and some well deserved indulging. We know sleep isn’t a top priority throughout this time of year for most and we understand how busy you are. 

We know you have a lot on your plate, and this is your reminder to take a breath and plan out the next few weeks to optimise your time. Here is how you can make sleep a priority this silly season.

How the festive period disrupts our sleep

Participating in festivities means longer days and later bedtimes; fun times are well deserved after a big year. However opportunities for compensatory sleep-ins may be curtailed by family visits, organising gifts or the demands of parenting.

The festive season also interferes with the timing of our normal lifestyle habits and sleep routines that help to keep our circadian rhythm in sync. This includes our getting-up times, mealtimes and exercise times. When routine dissolves, sync fluctuates, and sleep suffers. So how do we keep ourselves accountable for getting good sleep throughout this time of year. Check out our tips below:

1. Keep To Your Schedule

Consistency is key and having a stable morning and bedtime routine can help you feel more comfortable throughout this busy time of year. Even if you have had a longer night than usual, try to wake at the same time every morning and follow a similar pattern for getting ready. 

2. Indulge But Don't Go Overboard

During the festive period we all tend indulge a little more than usual (but hey that’s what this time of year is about!) Try and balance this out by sticking to a healthy diet Monday-Friday (when you can) After all, healthy body, healthy mind. Limit alcohol consumption and ensure you are hydrated before and after attending events.

3. Have a Limit

Don't feel like you have to attend every event. You also don't have to be the one to plan everything coming up. Delegate tasks and make sure you take some time out to relax and unwind. Feeling cosy and comfortable is a must before bed. Stick to your sleep routine as much as possible.

4. Keep Stress and Anxiety Down

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, make sure you are taking the time for yourself to relax and breath. This could mean, having a bath once a week, or scheduling in a daily afternoon walk. For extra support, try our natural Calm Drops, formulated to help calm a worried mind and relieve anxious thoughts. These Calm Drops for anxiety are a liquid herbal extract that is taken orally. Keep them at your bedtime, office or handbag for on the go.

5. Have A Plan

Plan ahead for events and make a list of priorities, this can include a list of gifts to purchase and all the important dates coming up. Pin the list up in the house for the household to see. Do you have a special someone who is impossibly to buy for? Our Sleep Kits are the ultimate gift providing the gift of sleep. Most importantly, enjoy this time of year and be grateful for the festive time ahead spent with loved ones. 

Remember, you've got this, we're here with you.