How Sleep Can Boost Your Performance at Work

Sick of feeling like you're slacking off and want to feel like a SUPERHUMAN at work? Here's how...

SLEEP FACT! Increased amounts of sleep can boost your focus and endurance in the workplace. 

When we are getting enough sleep our brains have the ability to properly function, leading to increased motivation and overall performance! 

So How Can Increased Sleep Boost Your Work Performance?

Increased Alertness and Concentration: 

When we are well rested, things like focusing and information processing are enhanced and our ability to manage these things become much easier. These simple enhancements can do more good for our job than we think!

Improved Decision Making

This one’s for the indecisive people! Improving our sleep routine can boost our ability to make decisions and can lead us to think more rationally, and at a more speedy pace when it comes to making important choices at work. 

Sleep = Bright Mood

Well rested brains react to situations A LOT better. Increased sleep leads to decreased stress and panic hormones leaving us with a brighter mood and emotional stability at work (hallelujah!). Sleep can also improve the way we respond to others and can reduce conflict with co-workers. 

Ability To Retain Information Increases

When we get the right amount of Zzz’s the nerve connections that make our memories are strengthened and we are able to remember and process information more efficiently. If we aren’t getting an adequate amount of sleep our ability to retain information decreases and our overall job performance may be impacted. 

3 Ways To Improve Your Sleep In Order To Boost Your Work Performance

  1. Set a bedtime and wake up time. This allows us to schedule in enough hours of sleep each night, ensuring we are getting an appropriate amount of sleep. 7-9 hours of Zzz’s is recommended for ultimate performance!
  2. Incorporate an evening routine for the deepest snooze possible. Creating a sleep routine gives balance to your evening and helps you wind down after a long day in order to prepare for sleep properly.
  3. Make your room your SLEEP SANCTUARY. Adding simple elements of nature helps to promote calmness and a deep sleep. Seek simplicity, high quality bedding, and earthy tones to ensure your sanctuary is a place of cleanliness, comfort, and warmth.