Sleep With: The Beach People

Sisters, Friends, Mothers, and Co-Founders, Victoria Beattie and Emma Henderson are doing it all! After founding The Beach People in 2013, the sister duo have gone from strength to strength. Inspired by their family, friends and seaside lifestyle, along with their passion for creating beautiful and iconic products, their first collection of round towels sold out in weeks.

Now, they’ve just launched their Eucalyptus Bedding Range and we caught up with them to find out more about their brand, their new range and how they get a good night’s sleep whilst juggling motherhood and a globally admired brand.



What an amazing business you've created with your sister! How do you guys manage to balance work and family life?

Victoria: We try and be present in whatever moment we are in, as best as we can. When we are with family, we are with family and when at work, fully with work.

Emma: We switch off in the evenings, phones away and spend quality time with our families. Being mothers means multi tasking, I make the most of every minute while I’m at work, heads down and go go go... Vic and I wrote a mantra for our office I usually read that before I enter my home in the evening. Slow down and switch off my work brain!


Do you have a night time ritual to help you wind down after a busy day?

Victoria: Around 5:30pm, I switch my phone off and have dinner with my family. Then I do the bed/bath/book routine with my little man before he goes to bed... Then I get a few hours of my own time to catch up with my husband, take a bath or read a book. I try to have a few hours device-free before bed... I have just started using a Goodnight Essential Oil Roll On. I rub a little on my wrist before bed and it’s like it calms body and triggers my senses that it’s rest time... I even found my husband using some the other night!

Emma: Devices down around 5pm. Victoria has taught me that. I love a walk on the beach in the afternoon with the family. Helps to wind down and chill out after a big day.


You’ve just launched a beautiful Eucalyptus bedding range - how important do you think bedding is when settling in for a good night's sleep?

Victoria: Sleep is such a luxury and it really is an incredible health benefit to get a good night’s sleep. The more I read about it, the more I invest into good quality bedroom items. Anything that enhances rest is a good thing!

Emma: I love creating a tranquil bedroom. Lots of natural tones and textures. With that in mind, we designed our linen bedding & eucalyptus bedding collections. Designed for ultimate relaxation, comfort and luxury. You spend half your life in bed so may as well sleep on quality bedding that will enhance your sleep. 


What’s on your bedside table?

Victoria: We have a device/screen free bedroom. I have my journal, bible and whatever book I am reading at that time. Very minimal.

Emma: I have so many books going at the moment...  So a big stack of books and some essential oils.


Are you more of an Early Bird or a Night Owl?

Victoria: Early bird because of the time zones that I work in, I have to be up and online by around 5:30am.

Emma: Early bird because of my three gals Lulu, 7, Daisy, 5 and Fern, 1... 


What are you currently reading/watching/listening to?

Victoria: I am currently reading ‘Artisan Soul’ by Erwin McManus and ‘Growing Grateful Kids’ by Susie Larson. I LOVE podcasts, I enjoy anything Tim Ferris records...

Emma: I just finished ‘Artisan Soul’, the book Vic mentioned – it’s so beautiful. I’m reading ‘Love Languages for Children’ and ‘Raising Girls’. I just listened to one of Dr Matthew Walker’s podcast on sleep, life changing! Anything Dr Caroline says is amazing!



If you love The Beach People brand as much as we do, you can head over to their website, here. Or discover more of our Sleep With guests here



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