Side, Back, Stomach - Which Sleep Position Will Give You The Best Snooze!

Do you ever wake up at night and wonder how you ended up in this position? Your arm is bent in some weird direction, your legs have pins and needles, there’s a dog here or there, pillows everywhere? 

 If you’re waking up feeling sore and unrested post-snooze, your sleep position could be the problem…so listen up!


Sleep fact: Your sleep position is a major factor in whether or not you're getting those deep Zzz’s and many people underestimate the power of a healthy sleep position!


Humans generally sleep in one of three positions; stomach, back, or side. But which one is best and which one should you be avoiding? There are a few factors at play that could make one right (or wrong) for you - let’s find out!

Position 1: Side Position (our favourite)

The OG position! 54% of people sleep on their side making it the most popular choice. This position is the best sleep option for most people and is highly recommended by professionals as it has many fantastic benefits:

  • Helps the spine to stay in a neutral position.
  • Helps to support the neck, shoulder, and back.
  • Can ease snoring and sleep apnea symptoms.

This position is particularly good for you if you’re pregnant, you snore, or you have back pain. And if you snore, your bed buddy will thank you for this one!

Position 2: Back Position

Coming in at second we have the back position! This position is the second most popular position with 38% of people opting for a back snooze. Although not a bad position, it has its downfalls for some people:

  • Increases snoring.
  • Can create lower back pain. 
  • Makes the symptoms of sleep apnea worse. 

But, some benefits of the position include:

  • Decreases symptoms of acid reflux. 
  • Can help to alleviate shoulder and neck pain. 

SLEEP TIP: If you don’t want to change your sleep position and find your lower back pain is increasing, try elevating your lower neck and knees with pillows. 

This position is particularly good for you if you’re worried about those pesky wrinkles, have neck pain or nasal congestion. 

Position 3: Stomach Position 

The final (not so great) position. Only 7% of people choose this sleep position making it a very rare sleep position choice..and for good reason! This position is not recommended if you're wanting to get a good snooze...and who doesn’t? Here’s why you should look to change your sleep position if you are part of that 7%:

  • Overtime nerve issues and neck pain can start.
  • Does not support the spine. 
  • Disrupts blood flow and can lead to poor circulation. 

Old habits die hard, right? So if you can’t quite break the stomach snooze, invest in a good pillow that is quite thin to improve the angle of your neck, and place another pillow under your hips to even out your spine. 

At the end of the day, the best sleep position for you is the one that you sleep well in. Try a few to find what works for you - all sleep is personal, after all. A better night sleep is calling your name, and it may just be an altered sleep position away!


Image via: @aolanow