7 Best Essential Oils For Daily Use

Using essential oils is a wonderful way to enjoy the countless benefits of aromatherapy, however, we know it can be challenging to know where to start. With so many essential oils to choose from, we're sharing our top 7 essential oils everyone should use daily for better health, wellbeing & sleep. 

With benefits ranging from promoting self-confidence to easing digestion throughout the day, we know diffusing these daily will help support you & your body from first light to lights out. 

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    Geranium // Pelargonium graveolens

    This sweet floral oil is more than just a pretty aroma, with benefits ranging from hormone balance to fatigue relief. It’s one delightfully harmonising, comforting and powerful addition. Geranium works to support you:

    • Geranium reduces anxiety - there is research to show it even helps women in the stressful, extreme situation of childbirth. 
    • Researchers found that Geranium essential oil can help reduce symptoms of PMS by supporting hormonal balance.
    • It’s been traditionally used as an incredible skin all rounder. It has applications for inflammation, eczema, psoriasis, acne and even ageing skin. 



    Sweet Orange // Citrus sinensis

    Not to be earmarked as ‘just another stimulating citrus’, Sweet Orange oil is an all-rounder and can take you from day to night. Yes, it can be uplifting, however - unlike most citrus oils - it is also a calming and balancing oil. Some of its highlights include:

    • Sweet orange will reduce worry when inhaled in stressful situations.
    • Tired parents take heart, research from a postpartum specific study says this essential oil will help improve your quality of sleep.
    • It has also been found to assist insomnia in several studies.



    Ylang Ylang // Cananga odorata

    Ylang Ylang has a heavy, sweet aroma and works as the ultimate mood booster. It is antidepressive in nature with euphoric properties, boosting wellbeing. For those needing a lift in:

    • Regaining passion and self-confidence - this oil is known for promoting self-confidence and feelings of peace within ourselves. I know right, sign us up!
    • Relieving anxiety and soothing shock & stressful situations – this oil is the one for the top of your list. This clever oil’s properties are derived from a tree which has been found to slow your heart rate and rapid breathing.


    Bergamot // Citrus bergamia

    Labelled the most delicate of citrus plants, Bergamot is the oil equivalent of spending a slow day outdoors during Summer. Warm and sunny, it’s perfect for lifting the spirit. The refreshing, sweet citrus scent of bergamot is elevating & uplifting but it doesn't stop there:

    • Bergamot aids digestion by increasing the hormones and fluids that aid digestion and nutrient absorption.
    • Studies reflect this fresh oil’s ability to decrease blood pressure and pulse rate and increase the attentiveness and alertness. 


    Patchouli // Pogostemon cablin

    This one is for the dreamers and those who tend to neglect or feel detached from their physical body. Patchouli essential oil’s calming, grounding and soothing properties are soothing for the nervous system. This means:

    • It has an innate ability to relieve symptoms of depression and stress. 
    • It is also a miracle worker for dry skin. It does this as it is used as a tissue regenerator, helping to stimulate regrowth of skin cells. 




    Hinoki // Chamaecyparis obtusa

    Hinoki oil pays homage to it’s Japanese heritage as it brings a delightfully citrusy aroma and peaceful tone to this blend. With links to trends in vitality, this oil works wonders for the sympathetic nervous system. Some ways it does this are:

    • Studies have linked inhaling Hinoki essential oil to a decrease in systolic blood pressure and heart rate.
    • It has also been found to stimulate a pleasant mood status in the Profile of Mood States (POMS) test. 


    Coriander // Coriandrum sativum

    Fresh and spicy in scent, Coriander seed essential oil is an all star when it comes to managing fatigue. As well as this it:


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