5 Best Essential Oils to Start Your Morning

Welcome to Spring, where a blocked nose can be kryptonite to your best night’s rest. When mucous production goes up, sleep quality tends to go down. We wake more easily, can dehydrate due to mouth breathing and become more likely to snore. A combination of seasonal allergies, transeasonal colds or even just your run of the mill food intolerances are often to blame here, making it tough to address all the factors contributing to breathing issues. 

This is a battle that requires the long game and we’ve got your back. If you’re serious about breathing clearly with the least amount of effort, look no further than the Good Morning Blend. It’s an uplifting, easy to use essential oil combo that promote clear breathing and daytime focus for your best night’s rest yet. Want to know more? Let’s suss out the ingredients.


Eucalyptus polybractea (blue mallee eucalyptus) oil 

The OG breathe easy oil is here. Eucalyptus is useful for inflammation of the airways in general, so being the flexible fox that it is, can work to support anything from allergy symptoms to asthma or sinusitis. What a delightfully broad scope. The method is simple and two fold: it will impact mucous production in your airways and mobilise any excess, meaning you can clear it out. 

If you wanted further cause to love Eucalyptus, research has allocated it antimicrobial and immune modulation properties too. This means it will help fight your cold and pump the brakes on that allergic situation simultaneously. Jump in my diffuser, stat.


Cymbopogon flexuosus (lemongrass) oil 

Diffused throughout the day, Lemongrass will support mental clarity and calm feelings of nervousness. These attributes mean it’s fabulous as a stress management tool already, but your inflamed airways will also love what Lemongrass has to offer. The research suggests that simply breathing in this uplifting aroma will provide antiinflammatory benefits. 

This oil has some antimicrobial skills under the belt too, making it great to address that annoying cold that’s caused your blocked nose. It’s so antimicrobial, that even antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria have been found to respond to it. Transeasonal coughs beware.


Citrus reticulata (mandarin) oil  

Known for its antibacterial and antifungal actions, Mandarin oil is the uplifting darling of the citrus family. It can help infection at bay and brings the positive vibes while doing it. Mandarin does have a more mellow outlook than most citrus oils, so is appropriate to use in the evening if needed. Say hi to clear, infection free airways at home or in the office, you’ll be smiling, without bouncing off the walls.


Mentha piperita (peppermint) oil

A personal favourite of mine, Peppermint oil is a fabulous tool for stress management. It can soothe nervous digestion and promotes daytime focus too, making it well placed in the Good Morning Blend. 

If you’re an asthmatic Peppermint should be non-negotiable, according to a 2014 study. Scientists found methanol - an active constituent of Peppermint -  could both relax and protect the airways, making it immensely helpful if a tight chest plagues you during allergy season. It’s considered to be antimicrobial and antispasmodic too, meaning that tickly cough (and the bug that’s causing it) will be shown who’s boss.

Truly the multitasking queen (I did mention I love this one, right?) Peppermint Essential oil has been found to improve exercise performance with a ‘get it done’ attitude that comes in part from those excellent respiratory support chops. Because of this - and since aerobic exercise in the morning is one of our favourite ways of promoting great sleep at night - we absolutely recommend a handy little roller scores permanent residency in your gym bag.


Elettaria cardamomum (cardamom) oil 

It may be a lovely warm oil by nature, but Cardamom is also anti-just-about-everything. It’s all down to the Cineole content: tt’s Cardamom’s major active constituent and acts as a potent antiseptic. This essential oil also has an affinity with oral health and can help mediate saliva production too (mouth breathers take note.)


Interestingly, Cardamom also serves as a memory biohacker. Researchers found the use of Cardamom essential oil improved learning and memory retention. Since these are some of the first skills to suffer when you don’t roll through sleep cycles adequately, Cardamom oil just become a tired brain’s best friend.


Now that the gang has arrived and you know why they’re invited, get your hands on our Good Morning Blend right here. Your tired bod and blocked nose will thank you.

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