Sleep and Brain Health

Bruno's personal relationship with sleep health began around 5 years ago when he found himself struggling with Insomnia. Overcoming it through behavioural practices and training his brain, his experience with sleep health and the brain extends further past his professional experience. 

As an Associate Professor at The University of Queensland'd Brain Institute, Bruno's research focusses on understanding the brain's three states where awareness can be lost: general anaesthesia, sleep and selective attention. In this episode, Bruno and Shea sat down and talked about the importance of finding homeostasis, how it is crucial to continue creating new pathways and how above all else, brain health ultimately comes down to your gut health. It's a very interesting episode where we delve inside the most powerful organ in our body, so get out your notebooks and enjoy! 


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Things we talked about:

  • Circadian Rhythm Stages
Circadian Rhythm Stages


Did you know!

Your 90 minute sleep stages don’t finish when you wake up? Your levels of responsiveness cycles throughout the day in 90 min periods. Check out the different stages in the Circadian Rhythm chart above! 


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