Shift Work and Sleep

Did you know that above 16% of the population are shift workers? In this episode, we welcome Dr Drew Dawson back! Dr Drew joined us in Season Two where he helped us unpack Insomnia, and he's back to unpack common sleep issues a bit more. In this episode, to talk about the negative associated effects shift work has on our circadian rhythm, and lifestyle factors which influence our overall health. Dr Drew and I talk through the actionable steps you can take, today, to help you promote a better sleep routine.

It's a slippery slope to a life of fatigue if you're a shift worker, but there are things you can be doing to make your lifestyle healthier, and easier on your body. Stay tuned to find out what you can be doing, today!


Tune in to find out!


Things we talked about:

  • Employers have a duty of care, but the employee also has a duty of care as well! If you need to have a conversation with your employer about your concerns around Shift Work Fatigue, we recommend having the conversation and implementing it in writing. 
  • Did you know, shift work and fatigue is an identifiable workplace hazard?!
  • As a shift worker, your body is required to sleep and be awake when your body doesn't want to. This will feel like jet lag. 
  • The challenge is to minimise the distraction to your sleep. Can you change your social lifestyle, family activities, sleeping environment and or any external factors so you can allocate enough time for sleep?

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