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Drops Trio Kit

Feel good range of 100% natural remedies



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Your feel good range of remedies
  • 100% natural remedies for morning, noon and night – to aid restorative sleep habits
  • Expertly formulated to boost morning alertness, calm the mind and promote deep sleep
  • Exclusively formulated for The Goodnight Co. with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Perfecting Your Sleep Routine
  1. Kick-start your day with a Morning Drops to rebalance your mood and energy levels
  2. Find calmness throughout your day with Calm Drops to soothe and support 
  3. Restore a healthy sleep wake cycle with Deep Sleep Drops as you head to bed

The Goodnight Co. Drops Trio Kit contains three bestselling 20ml formulations: Morning, Calm and Deep Sleep.

Morning Drops - Expertly formulated to boost morning alertness, relieve fatigue and promote focus. This all-natural pick-me-up will brighten your day when used in combination with a sleep routine. 

Calm Drops - A combination of ingredients to reduce anxiety and restlessness, soothe the mind and help clear muddled thoughts. Formulated to be taken throughout the day, in the workplace, and into the evening, as needed, to soothe and support. 

Deep Sleep Drops - Formulated to aid deep, uninterrupted sleep and to support optimal sleep patterns. Taken before bed or if waking during the night, our Deep Sleep Drops help relieve nervous tension, reset circadian rhythm and calm the mind, all without drowsiness. 


All of The Goodnight Co.'s Drops are: 

  • Exclusively formulated
  • 100% natural remedies
  • Vegan friendly and not tested on animals
  • Made in Australia




    To get the full benefit out of your Drops, it's important to incorporate them as part of every day and every night routine. You can subscribe to receive your order as frequently as you need. Find out more about our subscriptions here.

    We think you’ll love these Drops Trio Kit

    Ultimate Sleep Trio

    All Day Natural Support

    Scientific Evidence Based

    Key Ingredients


    reduces anxiety

    Coffea Cruda

    calms the mind


    MORNING - Arsenicum album 6C, Picricum acidum 6C, Ferrum phosphoricum 6C, Nux vomica 6C, and Carbo vegetabilis 6C contains 12% ethanol in distilled water

    CALM - Plumbum met 30C, Hypericum 30C, Anacardium 30C, Platinum 30C, Zinc val 30C, Contains 12% ethanol in distilled water

    DEEP SLEEP - Coffea Cruda 6C, Daphne 3C, Kali Phos 6C, Mag Phos 6C, Passiflora incarnata 3C, contains 12% ethanol in distilled water

    How To Use

    Place 6-8 drops (about a full dropper) under your tongue. Hold the liquid under your tongue for 10 to 15 seconds before swallowing - this helps the sublingual glands absorb the remedy. For best results, do not eat, drink or brush your teeth for 30 minutes before or after consuming the Drops as the remedy's effect may be reduced. Store the remedies in a cool, dark place, as far away from EMF (electro-magnetic fields, like phones, TV, alarm clocks) as possible.

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