Sleep Retreat


March 7-10, 2019

Springfield Farm, Bowral


This three day intimate retreat is the perfect chance to learn about and reset your sleep ritual, and get some well deserved sleep. You should spend almost a third of your life asleep, and you need to. Sleep is where your body finds balance for its many functions, from the emotional to the cognitive, all the way down to the immune system. 

This is also the perfect opportunity to learn the potential reasons for your own disrupted sleep patterns. While most of us know that caffeine and screen time before bed time is a big no, what if the answer is less obvious…at least to you! Take advantage of having your own Naturopath on hand for 4 days, as Polly hosts the retreat and helps you to uncover the reason for your own sleep issues, ensuring you get the most out of your newly designed sleep ritual. Polly is able to help you identify your individual reasons for disrupted sleep and facilitate your learning in how to correct them - from blood sugar levels and thyroid concerns to electrolyte imbalance and problems with neurotransmitters, there are a range of avenues to explore for your disrupted sleep. 

You're invited to come and engage in an intimate space, with deep rest and some inspiring women, treating yourself to a getaway in complete comfort and tranquility at Springfield Farm in Bowral. Set in a unique and beautiful location surrounded by nature, this program will include amazing workshops, relaxing yoga & meditation, nourishing meals, and deep sleep, with a chance to enjoy the many simple pleasures of all that surrounds you. 


To set yourself up for a good night's sleep, we need to slow down the brain before bed, particularly when it's overstimulated with technology, work, stress and anxiety. Take a chance to unplug from daily routines, social media and busy days and give yourself or a loved one, a chance to reset and focus on receiving a good night's sleep. You will also leave with a toolkit and resources to help you manage this in your own home environment.


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All sessions are optional 



Located beautiful, scenic two hour drive from Sydney. Stay in luxurious and beautiful accomodation at Springfield Farm in Bowral and embrace the opportunity to relax in nature.  


Valued at over $500, each guest will be treated like a VIP and receive a luxurious The Goodnight Co. Welcome Pack included in their stay. All the inclusions in the Pack can be used in curating your perfect sleep ritual. 



We all know that taking time to slow down and check in with yourself has unparalleled benefits. However, being lead and learning to do this in a workshop can really help to unlock ideas you might not have considered before. In these workshops, we will cover why we need sleep, tools to practice mindfulness, our sleep space and breathing. 




Over a variety of sessions, our Co-Founders and facilitators will dive deep into the benefits of sleep rituals, and how to create your own. From tea ceremonies to journaling, morning to evening, you will be sure to find the right fit for you to take home and enjoy the continued benefits.    


(optional extra)

Naturopath and host, Polly Rea, will be offering one-on-one naturopathic consults for all participants to help you understand how your diet and nutrition is affecting your personal health & wellbeing. 


To get that deep, restorative sleep we all crave, we need to release our daily tension. Certified Yoga Instructor, Kimmy Smith will lead a yin yoga sequence which does just that. The benefits of yin yoga are well researched and can help relax and calm the body before resting.




Creating a morning ritual is crucial in ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and reset after a good night's sleep. Involving a calm morning yoga flow can help you blood to begin circulating and your mind to focus.


Lead by our host Naturopath, Polly Rea, learn about the effect food has on you sleeping pattern, and it's not just your evening meal. Polly breaks down the foods which will lead you into the most peaceful slumber, as well as the no go's.  


Discover how to curate the perfect bedroom space to maximise your hours asleep.





Hear about the research behind the benefits of journaling before bed and more importantly, how to get started. 






What you eat can directly affect the quality of your sleep, and we're not just talking about your evening meal. Along with learning about the types of food best to eat throughout the day for a restful sleep, we will have an on-site cook who will prepare all your meals throughout the stay. This includes three dinners, two breakfasts, two lunches and a brunch. 


Slow starts each day with time to deeply relax and reconnect. All sessions and workshops are optional, giving you the perfect opportunity to give your body the rest it needs. 



Meet the incredible women facilitating our Sleep Retreat.

Polly is an Accredited Naturopath at her clinic, Feeling Dandy in Byron Bay and offering online consultations. Polly loves to be active, surrounded by nature and getting the most out of life. I’m also a partner to my fiancé, a mum to my three beautiful little boys, and a passionate foodie who loves to cook for family and friends.

I’ve always been fascinated with vitamins and minerals, how they benefit the body and how readily available they are in our food. Four years studying naturopathy unleashed my inner nerd! I formed a huge respect for the power of food as medicine, and a deep understanding and appreciation for biochemistry and pharmacognosy – how the chemistry of medicinal herbs interact with the chemistry of the body. My endless curiosity drives me to find the cause of dis-ease, working through the maze of the body to identify and address what’s going on inside.

I find great inspiration in nature and in the incredible women around me here in the hills of Byron Bay. I’m grateful for the support of this amazing community and embrace every opportunity to give back, sharing and learning from the rich pool of collective wisdom and knowledge.

Kimmy Smith is a qualified yoga teacher, personal trainer and barre instructor. The Mum to three little girls is also the founder of the postnatal wellbeing Apps - the Fit Mummy Project App and the Nourished Mummy Project App. Kimmy previously worked as a corporate lawyer whilst playing professional netball for the NSW Swifts. Kimmy combines her experience in the corporate world with her health and wellness knowledge to create practical, effective and bespoke health and wellbeing services. Kimmy is on a mission to support and empower women to embrace the journey of motherhood, she has written for online media websites such as Women’s Health, Body and Soul, MindBodyGreen and many more . In 2016, Kimmy launched the postnatal fitness and wellbeing hub,, an online destination that encompasses fitness, food and healthy mindset essentials including tips, advice, workouts, meal plans and recipes. It aims to help all new mums create a beautiful, fit and strong new body and life. 
Established by two Mums who left their corporate worlds to pursue their interest in the role of sleep in wellbeing. Shea & Danielle launched with a goal to help the world fall back in love with sleep. Having heard about the many benefits of sleeping on silk, the duo started by finding the perfect luxurious silk pillowcases and sleep masks, matching strict quality criteria.

Since launching with their silk products in early 2015, the young mums set a mission to curate a range of products which can be used to create your perfect sleep ritual. Having a sleep ritual, and sticking to it consistently, is key to improving sleep. By practicing a regular routine, your mind and body begin to sync and you’ll soon find falling asleep so much easier. The current product range has expanded to include a variety of sleep supplements, bath & body products and a range of crystals, designed to be grouped to create the perfect sleep ritual. This March, the duo will continue helping their customers improve their sleep by organising The Goodnight Co.'s first Sleep Retreat. 



  • Limited bookings, less than 10 places available 
  • 3 nights accommodation at the luxurious Springfield Farm in Bowral 
  • All healthy and nutritious meals, including 3 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 1 brunch
  • All mindfulness workshops
  • All yoga, meditation and breathing classes
  • Tea and snacks will be available at your leisure in the kitchen
  • The Goodnight Co. Welcome Pack of Goodies valued at over $500



Do many people come on their own?

Yes, and it's the perfect way to focus on yourself and really reset. This is a wonderful opportunity to take the time and space to think and consider yourself care in this tranquil environment. If you travel alone, you can rest assured you will be well taken care of and will have a chance to meet other like minded individuals.  

Can I only book a twin room as a pair?

No, in fact, we encourage you to consider this option as an individual as it can be a great way to connect with others. As a more affordable option, a twin room could be an ideal room type for some to reap the full benefits of this retreat. 

Do I need to book a one-on-one naturopath consultation in advance?

No, there will be plenty of opportunity to make this booking upon arrival and throughout the retreat, however, if you know you would like an extended consultation, please let us know upon booking. 

How should I prepare for my visit?

This retreat is designed for everyone to benefit from, regardless of their background or lifestyle, however, there are steps you can take beforehand to better prepare your mind and body for this reset. In the week leading up to the retreat, we recommend you gradually reduce your caffeine intake, energy drinks, soft drinks, and highly sugary foods as these are limited at the retreat. 

What should I bring?

Please pack clothing which is practical and comfortable. As the weather in March can be cool, we suggest you bring some layers. Some essentials include a jacket, personal items, hat, sunglasses, light raincoat, watch, and any prescription medication. Please bring active wear (t-shirts, tights, gym pants or tracksuits) suitable for yoga and walking, as well as some very comfortable pieces for meditation. For your footwear, include some flat comfortable indoor shoes, closed in shoes and some slip on shoes. 

It's also important that a few things are not bought with you, including any alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, illegal and non-prescription drugs. You can bring your mobile, laptop and tablet but we ask you leave these devices in your bedroom and limit your usage as much as possible.     

Can you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes, we certainly can. Please just let us know when you're placing your booking and we will make arrangements. 




Single Private Room  from $1,650 / PP
Twin Share  from $1,550 / PP


This package is for 4 days, 3 nights and includes all food and activities, except one-on-one naturopathic sessions



Register your interest by emailing or filling in our Contact Form.