Chronic sleep shortages can have serious consequences

Our range of natural products can help you fall and stay asleep

Support a calm mind for a healthier, happier, restful you

Naturally aid uninterrupted sleep

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Fall Asleep Faster Kit
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Essential Oils & Sleep Products For Insomnia Treatment

Aromatherapy – The Best Essential Oils for Insomnia

Endless nights spent without a wink of rest can be harsh. Cognitive function, mood, productivity and happiness all take a dive when rejuvenation eludes you. With a little help from Australia’s dedicated sleep health company (that’s us), better days lie ahead.

While the causes of nights wide-awake can vary, we are committed to providing effective, natural remedies for insomnia that work with the struggles of modern living.


Deep Sleep Drops

"I've been using these drops for over a year and couldn't live without them. The taste is nice and it works within 20-30 minutes. I sleep soundly and wake up without any drowsiness. Better than any natural or prescription sleep aid I've used."

Christopher W.

Calm Drops

"I'm pretty surprised how well these drops work, they give an amazing calming effect which is great for me as I suffer from extreme panic attacks. Would strongly advise people give this a try."

Amanda W.

Menopause Drops

"These drops allowed me to get a great nights sleep without waking up several times during the night due to night sweats and heat flushes!"

Daniela S.