Sleep Rituals


Following a night time routine and sticking to it consistently is key to improving your sleep. It goes hand in hand with looking and feeling great throughout the day. By practicing a regular routine, even down to your face cream, your mind and body begin to sync and you’ll soon find winding down and falling asleep so much easier. Night time is also when your skin has time to repair itself so it’s very important not to neglect it! 

There are so many ways to build the perfect routine, so we've just included our Co-Founders examples below. Here's how our Shea & Danielle get ready for bed:

S H E A 

My sleep ritual starts after dinner, by going for a short walk with my children and husband. It gives us all a chance to talk about the day and really sets the tone that bed time is next! After the kids are in bed, I make myself a warm mug of Deep Sleep Supplement and always try to fit in a bath. It's my ultimate relaxation. Once in bed, I listen to a meditation and am often asleep within minutes. If I ever wake up in the night, I use an Oral Magnesium Spray which helps to calm my mind and body back into rest. 


My nightly routine starts after getting my children to bed and asleep! My ritual starts with my shower, tea and supplements. Then I put on my sleepwear, and hop into bed. I pop a few drops of the Deep Sleep Homeopathic Tincture under my tongue, and read a book, but I usually fall asleep before I finish a chapter! The final stage on my ritual is putting on my Silk Sleep Mask. Once it goes on, I am out like a light!