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Arianna's Travel Kit

Take control of your sleep in any time zone



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Sleep Better Naturally
Scientific Evidence Based
Natural Stress Relief
Beat jet lag for good
  • Master the Travel Sleep Kit and take control of your zzz’s, wherever you are
  • A Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask to create ideal snoozing conditions
  • A Mulberry Silk Pillowcase to keep you cool and hydrated
  • Goodnight Essential Oil Roll On to soothe the mind and body before bed
  • TGC Ear Plugs to stop noise-induced sleep interruptions
  • Good Morning Essential Oil Roll On to start your day right
  • Arianna Huffington’s The Sleep Revolution
  • A TGC Travel Case
Perfecting Your Sleep Routine
  1. Take control of your sleep-wake cycle when you travel.  
  2. Create a tranquil sleep sanctuary wherever you are. 
  3. Manage environmental sleep disturbances (light, noise).  

Arianna Huffington believes sleep is not just vital for our overall health, but also critical to helping us achieve our goals.

“Because I travel so much, I’m actually a little bit obsessed—okay, totally obsessed—with trying to do everything I can to make my flights more sleep-friendly. And what I’ve learned is that a little preparation goes a long way. I have my eye mask, ear plugs, silk pillowcase, and lavender oil permanently packed in my carry-on. So even though airlines don’t always make it easy, by carrying a travel essentials kit, you can have a lot more control over your ability to get some sleep.” – Arianna

Whether you are travelling by plane, train, car or bus, ensure a stress free and comfortable journey that will make all the difference upon arrival to your destination with these key essentials included in Arianna Huffington's Travel kit.

The Arianna Huffington's Travel Kit includes:

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Sleep Better Naturally

Scientific Evidence Based

Natural Stress Relief

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