Sleep Consult by Shea Morrison

About Sleep By Shea Morrison 

As the Co-founder of The Goodnight Co. , Shea is on a mission: to deliver a better, natural night’s sleep for everyone. The Goodnight Co. has identified and developed effective, evidence-based ways to fall asleep, stay asleep and manage inevitable sleep disruptions. Passionate about all things sleep, Shea is helping people around the world to sleep well, be well, through her sleep consults, workshops, retreats, her Sleep By Shea podcast, and The Goodnight Co.'s best-selling products. 

Shea Morrison The Goodnight Co

"Sleep and wellness is where I want to be, because I know we can make a genuine difference to people’s lives.”

3 Ways To Experience Better Sleep By Shea

Personalised Sleep Routine Consults By Shea

Are you one of these kinds of sleepyheads:

  • Struggling to fall asleep and spending hours counting sheep?
  • Waking up all through the night with those 2am thoughts?
  • Waking up without your usual pep in your step?

A dedicated Sleep Routine consultation with Shea is the key to get you looking and feeling like your best, well-rested, inspired self again. 

Sleep well with continuous support, accountability and evidence-backed personalised sleep advice from our Co-Founder and Sleep Expert, Shea Morrison. 

Shea is here to help you create your personalised sleep routine (and stick to it), to create lasting, life-changing sleep habits for the long term. Using her plethora of sleep knowledge, Shea’s consults will provide you with simplistic and practical steps to your best night’s sleep. The only personalised sleep support you will ever need!

Create your routine with Shea today. Don’t pay the price for poor sleep. Invest in your rest.

Option One: 15 Minute Sleep Consultation $40

What’s included?

  • 15 minute sleep routine consultation valued at $40
  • Redeemable on any of The Goodnight Co.’s products
  • Custom personalised Sleep Routine curation 
  • Sleep routine 30-day tracking tool

Option Two: The Sleep Series (3 x 30 min Consultations)

What’s included?

  • 3 x 30 minute personalised Sleep Routine Consultations for $150
  • Sleep routine 30-day tracking tool
  • Ebook for better sleep, including recipes, stretches, tips and more
  • 1 consultation weekly for 21 habit-forming days
  • Step 1: Create a custom Sleep Routine and commit to tracking your sleep
  • Step 2: Accountability check-in and routine adjustments
  • Step 3: Sleep Routine review and continued support


Sleep Workshops By Shea

In the age of the burnout and fatigue epidemic, sleep is the greatest public health challenge of the 21st century. If you’re looking to improve the health and wellbeing of your workplace, a sleep workshop by Shea is a great place to start. 

As the third pillar of health, sleep is often overlooked when it comes to health, but truly underpins every aspect of our wellness. Our minds and bodies can’t function correctly without good sleep - which means our performance at work suffers. 

Shea’s workshops aim to optimise your team’s performance and wellbeing by looking at simplistic and natural ways to enhance quality sleep for a better life. Her workshops share evidence-based strategies and a practical toolkit to enable your team to take immediate, actionable steps to better sleep. 

Informative, engaging and interactive, Shea has spoken to hundreds of professionals across Australia, helping them to live better by sleeping better. Shea’s workshops are customised for each individual workplace, and can cater to corporate, school and university audiences alike. 

What’s included?

  • Pricing from $1500 for a 45 minute bespoke workshop
  • Topics customised to cover company objectives and ideal outcomes 
  • Optional extra inclusions such as e-Book, meditation, sleep tracking tool, foot soak and more. 


Sleep Retreat Facilitation By Shea

Looking to host a retreat with something a little extra and unique? The perfect addition to your retreat is sleep! When curating retreats, we often focus on the first two pillars of health - nutrition and exercise. Sleep is the missing, and sometimes overlooked pillar, in a retreat that aims to encompass holistic wellness. 

Why add sleep to your retreat? Sleep underpins everything in our lives - from our mental health, to our physical health and appearance. Sleep is the most powerful elixir of life, and mother nature’s best effort at immortality.

As an accredited Meditation Coach, Shea can bring mindfulness and peaceful, restorative sleep to your retreat guests. Having successfully curated and facilitated several sleep and beauty retreats throughout her career, Shea’s experience speaks for itself. 

Would you like to book Shea for your own retreat, or waitlist for The Goodnight Co.’s next Sleep Retreat? Enquire below.